Lithium and eye vision problems/tremors?

I have been on Lithium for about 5 months. 1500mg a day extended release. Lately, I have found that my night vision has gotten bad. Almost like their is always a slight haze and I cannot see properly. I am going to get my eyes checked for normal vision abnormality's, but is this a side effect?

Also, when I get nervous, worked up, or anxious I am starting to notice tremors and am nervous these may worsen. If they do worsen, are their medications to help this?

Lithium is the only drug that has helped me and I don't plan on changing any time soon.

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    I am on lithium 900mg a day and i just started the tremors and the vision problem like you are describing. I am going to talk to my p doc about it on Tuesday and if i were you i would call your doctors office and tell them whats going on and then go from there

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