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Do you think these would be a solution to Global Warming?

* Government regulation forcing developing and engineering companies to reforest the same amount of area constructed, with trees selected for the environment in which the construction took place.

* Force industries that are not in the business of building engineering (like petroleum) to forrest an area equal to a proportion of the gains taken from the p[laces where they took the oil from.

* Up to a certain level of corporate income must be repaid in environmental payment; if your company made XXX billions, a proportional amount of those riches must be utilized to 'clean' the earth, reforest, bring to life new species of flora and fauna, etc.

* put a limit technology can be used to fish, hunt, cultivate or anything that deals will earth exploitation.

* Asses the value of pollution and charge companies, industries and corporations, with ultimate penalties of dissolution and distribution of assets.

Can YOU come up with more "solutions"? What about GREED?


Greatly apreciated, your comments. Excellent research, Jmes.

Robin, Earth land surface area is capable to sustain with no problems 20 billion people. It i Man with his Greed that makes it unsustainable.

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    Unfortunately global warming ended almost 3 years ago when the sun went into the quietest and most severe solar minimum ever recorded. Currently where the earth had been receiving about 1.5% more energy from the sun than it needed gradually warming the planet over 300 years of this activity the sun has now shut down and we are currently receiving about 3% less energy than the earth needs to maintain its comfortable climate. So the planet will be facing a minor ice age in from 5 to 10 years at the current level of solar activity or a serious one in 10 to 15 years as the current output of the sun is insufficient to keep the planets warm and so they are gradually cooling. In just 3 years the planet has already cooled to about where it was in 1918 at the end of the first world war.

    So as time goes on and the sun remains quiescent the planets will gradually cool off at first slowly as in the last 3 years. And if the sun does not return to reasonable activity the planets will continue to cool until we enter another ice age like the one we left when the sun warmed up about 13,000 years ago.

    Some scientific information revealing the truth about global warming, when it happened and what probably caused it.

    Where the heat came from and why it was abnormally cold previously

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    But I thought global warming was caused by the burning of fossil fuels, you would be planting trees but still have all those people driving cars and such. This would fall more in the saving of forests, not stopping global warming.

    Remember it really is not companies that are buring a lot of fossil fuels, it is caused by all of us buying things and using electricity. Most companies make something or offer a service and we the consumer pay for it, so in fact it is all of us the individual that needs to be slowed down. Maybe that is why the simulus package didn't work so well, it was never intended to work. A lot of people are buying and using less stuff now, so the economy slowing down is working to stop global warming. Of course now a lot of people don't have jobs but thank god co2 emmisions have slowed down.

    Maybe unemploment will go up to 20% and slow it down even more.

    Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

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    Global warming has existed for thousands of years, so has global cooling. These events take it in turns but never become global catastrophies. Just forget it. All the hype at present is about making money for the world govts. They prey on the gullible and are succeeding.

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    Global warming isn't the problem. Human overpopulation is the problem. The natural death rate has been greatly diminished. We either need to increase the death rate or greatly reduce the birth rate.

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    I'd say there are better ways to do it. I call them combos, because they boost the economy at the same time. Right now, the economy needs a boost right?

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    *scoffs*Don't you people get it? There is no global warming.

    *keeps scoffing*

    And even if there was l couldn't care less about it

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    kill the f@ggots and god will give us hope!!!

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