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Storing kitchen knives?

I was just wondering if storing my kitchen knives on a clean towel inside a large drawer would be acceptable. I don't like knives blocks because it gets dirty in slots and magnetic knives is sort of sketchy for me.


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    Any storage is better than nothing :)

    When you store knives on the towel, one problem is that they're open and someone may get cut, two they can bang on each other when opening/closing the drawer and damage the edges.

    Given the number of my knives I use custom block -

    Slots aren't that hard to clean with either long qtips or narrow brushes. Although, they shouldn't get dirty that easy, especially if you put clean knives in them.

    If you have to use the drawer as a storage, then I suggest you take a look at JK Adams In-Drawer Knife Wave Trays. I used ot use them until my kitchen knife collection was under 20 knives. They fit nicely in the drawer, come in various lengths and each tray can hold 4-6 big and small knives.

    Quite nifty for the drawer storage. Cleaning is very easy too.

    Like this one -

    But there's more variations.

    Source(s): 12+ years of knife collecting, sharpening and research.
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Hello the answer about the magnetic strip right is on the money. That may be okay for a home situation but in a commercial kitchen I don't know if it would work, too many chefs, kitchen hands etc. Then there are knife blocks which are not only appropriate but can look very stylish to. Some can hold 20 knives plus the knife steel(sharpener) and scissors. They can be made of glass, steel, wood and can placed on the counter or underneath. Another solution is some knives have their own sheaths or covers. If you store them in drawer use a cutlery tray so keep them separate if they are expensive if cheap don't worry. Lastly a lot of chefs carry their own knives in special carry rolls like jewellery rolls or cases to keep them in tip top condition. I hope that helps I can't think of anymore tips good luck

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  • sid23
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    I don't know why it wouldn't be acceptable. Most people do not put knives in drawers because it is an easy way to get cut. Things tend to slide around in drawers. If you, or other members in you home do not put hands in drawers with out looking first, you should be fine.

    How about a magnetic strip fastened or stuck to the bottom inside of the drawer underneath the towel. It would keep them in place and clean.

    Good luck!

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