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"2nd Nature" rap group from Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada, please help!?

ok so im going to take a big shot on this...if there is anyone from saskatoon saskatchewan in Canada that see this please try and help...A few years ago there was a group of highschool kids who made some hip hop tracks and went by the group name of "2nd Nature"..I knew a couple of the guys but lost contact with them over the years and cant seem to find anyone around here with some of there songs...if there is anyone out there that knows what im talking about I would absouletly love you if you helped out!...(some of the songs you might remember are like Jane Doe, Make you love me, Always Remember and So sad, so beautiful). Pleaseeeee help if you can! thank you so much

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    look it up on myspace, nd there from canada so theres nothin to rap about?

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    Many Canadian self-proclaimed professionals on Saskatchewan have in basic terms taken street a million around the province - traveling east-west. traveling north-south on different roads and highways will reason human beings to work available are rolling hills on which you will ski and/or snowboard. In southern Saskatchewan, besides a loss of slopes, there is fairly little precipitation maximum years - rain or snow. interior the north that's relatively alongside the midsection of the province on a map - north in terms of inhabitants - i might look alongside the Saskatchewan River - places like Saskatoon section, fort Qu'appele and Prince Albert areas.

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