What jobs/careers are available to someone with a diploma (not a degree) in Environmental Protection Tech.?

I am currently completing a diploma in Environmental Protection Technology. I wasn't planning on completing a degree, but I am not finding any job postings in the environmental industry that ask for anything less than a degree.

Can anyone tell me if there are any jobs that only require the diploma?

Thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No you are selling yourself very short.

    The degree u have..is a two yr degree.,,,,u only qualify for environmental technician position.

    The people are very underpaid and over worked....the average starting pay is like 13/hr.....this is a very very bad choice.

    Spend two to three years getting ur BS in environmental engineering or environmental science....trust me it will pay off in the end.

    In this tight economy ...u will have trouble finding a job...and when u find it....they wont pay u anything...trust me

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    5 years ago

    Neither the Environment nor Economic growth should be put in front of one another. We are not talking about oil and water, in the sense that they cannot mix. In fact, Sustainable Growth has been used by industry for decades. The proof is in the pudding, that sustainable growth works! Lumber companies now prefer to cut sensibly, instead of clear cutting an area. Selected trees are cut, while others are left to grow, new ones are planted in place of the felled trees. This way, the lumber companies will always have product to harvest. This also minimizes, but does not completely eliminate erosion of soil, or habitat loss. However, it is much better than the alternative... clear cutting. The fact is that Humans need to share this world, we are going to leave a footprint no matter what we do. However, minimizing that footprint will leave both us and the environment in a better condition. To think that economics should be put on the back burner is just naive. Without economic growth, how will you become educated? Travel? How will humans learn about our world, and become better stewards of the earth, if we are all out of a job and starving?? It is a give and take relationship that Humans have with the environment. We need to find the right balance between give and take.

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