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How do stray cats survive the cold weather in winter....?

I know they find shelter here and there but still, some places get really cold like in Canada. It must be a miserable life for them. Cold all the time and trying to find food? There must be a lot of them who die frozen?


And where do they get their water intake?

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    Feral and stray cats have no difficulty with cold weather and can be seen out hunting on even the coldest of days.

    I live in a small village on the Central Plains of Canada (Saskatchewan) and we had three solid weeks last Winter where the temperature never went above MINUS 30 F degrees. And we did not lose a single cat. Unless the wind was blowing my cat even ventured out on the coldest days and I rescued an immature cat that lived in the engine compartment of my bus for three of those days.

    As long as any cat can find shelter from the wind and curl up they are fine. And water is not an issue - they just eat snow. And because it's cold their water consumption drops considerably anyway. And food is not that hard to get. There is a lot more life under all that snow than there is on top of it and cats have very little difficulty or hesitation in diving in there to get it. Even my cats can catch mice with snow on the ground.

    Uncomfortable for the cats - probably - who actually likes the cold. But watch a group of feral cats going by the door and open that door. I guarantee you that they will go the opposite way unless you are throwing food to them.

    The premise that cats cannot survive the cold is a myth. Cats are a lot more robust than the average owner gives them credit for. When their survival is at stake they can be quite adaptable.

  • Julie
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    I feel for those poor stray animals, so many people will just dump them out like they are trash. I think the cats usually will find someplace to burrow into for winter, like a hollow tree or under some kind of structure. They also have a habit of piling up in groups for warmth and guess that helps a little, the snow banks in Canada will provide some shelter for them as well.

    Their water intake must come either from snow, or maybe the moisture from the prey they are able to catch and eat. And unfortunately, I am sure that many perish from hunger and the cold.

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    Their bodies become adjusted to the cold as the seasons come along and their fur gets very thick, like wild animals do.

    They find shelter, anything will do as long as it is dry and out of the wind.

    Cats do not need to drink water, even in the summer, if they are hunting and eating mice, rats, rabbits, etc. They get their liquid from the dead bodies of their kill.

    No different than wild animals but cats have one thing that wild animals do not and that is garbage containers in what ever city they live in. Also, warm doorways, garages with a cracked door, abandoned homes,businessess and out buildings.

    I am sure many do die but not just from freezing, more likely from injuries due to fighting and getting hit by cars.

    Our cats on the farm did not come in at all but we had a nest we built them in the garage and a small cat door for them and we fed them lots to maintain high body fat.

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    I recently saw a TV show where a cat was locked in a shipping container for a month and wound up in France. He survived! Cats are pretty incredible. I recon they can find a warm cosy spot and not do much in the winter.

  • john
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    Check out this website:www.alleycat.org.This may give you the answer

    you are requesting.

    In Atlanta there are some rescue groups that feed ferals.One good

    thing about this recession;there are a lot of abandoned buildings for

    the cats to find shelter.

    Source(s): Atlanta Cat Rescue
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    I know some people take strays in during the winter but alot find abandoned houseing/trailers and feed on the vermin poulation

  • I think some of the ones around here will actually jump down into storm drains. They're at least out of the wind that way.

  • Anonymous
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    they might migrate i think... lol its weird to think that cats migrate, and i think alot of them do die.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    its just nature

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