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If, as Israels PM Netanyahu states that he wants talks with the Palestinians urgently?

Then why does he not freeze further building in the West Bank even if only for a 6 month period

"I believe there is no time to waste; we need to move toward peace with a sense of urgency and with a sense of purpose," he said in a speech to the Jewish Federations of North America. "I want to make this clear: My goal is not to have endless negotiations. My goal is not negotiations for the sake of negotiations. My goal is to achieve a permanent peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians."

That is Hamas only condition for talks to start.

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    Israel has been closely protected by America for a long time, it is time for Israelis to do a little history checking. Their Nation was recognized by the world in 1948 and the Palestinian Nation was removed from the world map in 1938. Palestine is now a city within Israel. The Palestinians have been telling their history for years and no one with political clout has been listening to them. Even if Netanyahu states he is willing to go to the negotiating table with the Palestinians, the Palestinians know he isn't a man of his word except with his small circle of friends.

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  • A lot of Israelis are aware that the Palestinian claim to the West Bank is spurious and they can just as easily claim it but will settle for less. They will settle for less than what they should have for the sake of peace.

    The Palestinians will not settle for anything less than the complete destruction of millions of Jews. This devilish little game that your side is playing is coming to an end!

    Edit: What I say about Israel is completely independent of what the Jews are saying but may be similar. My viewpoint is 100% Christian.

    For example, those of us who interpret the Bible correctly believe that the Jews are Gods' chosen people and eventually they are going to control all of the land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers.

    There is more to this so stay tuned and I will help you through it. (Poor guys must be going through a rough time.)

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    The Jews don't want peace. They only want to remain the dominate leader, which the Palestinians on a chain. They only want "peace" on their vile terms.

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    Did Hamas already decide to recognize Israel's right to exist? If not, there is nothing to discuss.

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