Caspar David Friedrich "Two Men By The Sea" Painting?

What is the meaning of this painting????

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This painting is one of several that Friedrich painted that used the theme of figures in a landscape to express the spiritual aspect of humans in nature.


    "The visualisation and portrayal of landscape in an entirely new manner was Friedrich's key innovation. He sought not just to explore the blissful enjoyment of a beautiful view, as in the classic conception, but rather to examine an instant of sublimity, a reunion with the spiritual self through the contemplation of nature. Friedrich was instrumental in transforming landscape in art from a backdrop subordinated to human drama to a self-contained emotive subject. Friedrich's paintings commonly employed the Rückenfigur—a person seen from behind, contemplating the view. The viewer is encouraged to place himself in the position of the Rückenfigur, by which means he experiences the sublime potential of nature, understanding that the scene is as perceived and idealised by a human. Friedrich created the notion of a landscape full of romantic feeling—die romantische Stimmungslandschaft. His art details a wide range of geographical features, such as rock coasts, forests, and mountain scenes. He often used the landscape to express religious themes. During his time, most of the best-known paintings were viewed as expressions of a religious mysticism."

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    The meaning? Why do you assume it has a meaning beyond what it appears to be? It's a painting of two men, observing the ocean under a moonlit sky. It doesn't have or require any meaning beyond how it appears.

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