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Is it illegal to make fake accounts?

I want to make an email account for all the junk/random things that I sign up for so that they are not getting mixed in with all the stuff I actually care about. Is it okay to just make up name, postal code date of birth, etc. off the top of my head or is this illegal, like identity theft or something? On the off chance that there actually is a Jane Doe living at the address I made up did I steal her identity?

I'm really paranoid, especially when it comes to the internet so please help me out. Thank you =]

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    Your computer has an identity address so fake accounts will only fool some of the senders but many people use different accounts on Yahoo and Hotmail etc.You should be able to establish two accounts / mail boxes with your Internet Provider and use a filter to sort

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    I'm pretty sure its not illegal. Don't worry, I'm without a doubt sure that if you pick an address, that full name is there too. Well, maybe if it was something like John Stephens.

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