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Judah --- or Jewish - 1/12 of Israel --- Has the US been bombing the other 10 houses of Israel and if so?

Lack of consistency with modern genetic findings

Human genetics does not support British Israelism's notion of a close lineal link between Jews and Western Europeans. Genetic research into the Y-chromosomes of Jews has found that Jews are closely related to other populations originating in the Middle East, such as Kurds, Turks, Armenians and Arabs, and concluded that:

Middle Eastern populations...are closely related and...their Y chromosome pool is distinct from that of Europeans. (Nebel, 2001.)[32]

Y-DNA Haplogroups J2 and, to a lesser extent, J1 are most commonly identified in Jewish people, which is in contrast to Western Europeans where a more distant Haplogroup R1b is the most commonly identified

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I am not going to count the tribe of Levi You can if you want to bringing the total number of houses making up "Israel" to 13

How many tribes or houses make up Israel?


How many of them are Jewish ? One out of those 12

---We know that the tribe of Benjamin and Judah stayed together and merged

That leaves the famous lost 10 tribes --- Or the majority of "Israel"

Look in Revelations for the list of tribes and how 12,000 from each tribe are going to be "saved" they are all listed for you Go look (God didn't forget about them apparently)

According to modern DNA we have 4 choices as to who could make up those lost 10 tribes

Kurds Armenians Turks and Arabs

---- Hmmm

1 out of 4 chance it is Arabs

Has the US been bombing and waring with the other lost houses of God's chosen people "Israel"?

If so what biblical identity does the US now take on as a nation that has declared war against a people who have a 1 in 4 chance of being "chosen"

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    Actually hasse is wrong. If someone read through our history, they'd see that we were dispersed around the world, and exiled and persecuted from place to place. There is never any mention of mass conversion to Judaism (and as 'people of the book', we have kept our records pretty well), except for the Khazars. Besides, being such a minority and persecuted people, no one would want to join anyway. Plus Jews don't proselytize.

    If it were so, then how come so many Ashkenazim and Sefardim are Kohens?

    As for the question, what you are trying to say is that DNA may prove that the Kurds, Armenians and Turks etc are the other 10 tribes?

    I doubt it, since they have long-standing traditions and histories as well. But anything is possible. They DID get lost over time. Only when Moshiach comes will we find out who is from the lost tribes and where they are.

    But at the moment, more Turks and Arabs want us all killed then to try and prove they are from the 10 tribes.

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    This is just another specious argument attempting to "prove" that today's Jews aren't "really" Jews.

    What nonsense!

    To reason this way presumes that Jewishness is a race, a genetically inherited trait. Only the Nazi's and other ant-Semites think so. We Jews know better.

    While we don't proselytize, we do accept converts. Can you "become" Asian? Or African? Of course not.

    While the haplogroups provide remarkable evidence of the purity of the Kohanic lineage, it is not considered necessary nor sufficient evidence to determine who is a Kohen. So, it's rather irrelevant to us. Today's Jews come in every color of the human rainbow.

    And you have totally misunderstood the concept of "chosen", as is so typical.

    We Jews are a tribe. We get to decide who is and who isn't a member. We don't need you nor anyone else to approve or disapprove. Your efforts to deligimatize us mark you as an anti-Semite.

    Please give this up. We are not going away.

    Source(s): Me, Conservative Jew
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    First use in scripture (Gen 29:35) indicates that 'Judah' means those who praise YHVH. Very few of the 'Jews' of today are descendants of Abraham. Most are either Ashkenazim or Shephardim, both of which were large populations that accepted the religion and 'converted'

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