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Where would I save my Screen-saver?

I recently downloaded an EXE file for a screen-saver. I am using a windows XP. Well, on my windows vista, I downloaded the screen-saver to its own folder in my program files in the C drive and it worked fine. On my windows XP, I did the same thing, the thing it when I go to change my screen-saver, under properties, the screen-saver I downloaded is not in with the rest of the ones that came with my computer. On the vista, it did. Why isn't my screen-saver working on my Windows XP? It's compatible with it, so what gives? Is there a specific location in the computer where all the screen savers are located so I can transfer the downloaded one to the folder with the rest, if it exists? I tried restart, I tried uninstalling, and re-downloading it. Why won't it show up in the list of screen-savers? Where do I save the file containing it?


I double clicked the EXE file and more stuff appeared in the folder I have it temporarily stored in. One of them is an install button. Do I move the install button to system32, and if so, do I double click it there?

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    In XP, try changing screensaver.exe to screensaver.scr - double click it to see if it runs. If it does, place it in C:\Windows|System32 - it should then show up alongside your other screensavers.

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    For windows XP the location of the screen saver files is: C:\WINDOWS\system32

    TIP: For Windows XP to recognize a file as screen saver the file type should be SCR

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    Directly Run that exe file & it will install that screen saver to proper location & after that u will get it in ur screen-savers...

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    If you downloaded and ran an .exe file for a screensaver, you didn't download a screensaver. You downloaded and willingly ran a Trojan horse. Hope you didn't have any personal info stored on there.

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    if you have installed it. then go to control panel , than "add & remove" . and here you can find it for removal.

    and if you not installed, than go to start button here you will find "search" option, so write the file name and search it.

    go ahead...

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