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War on terror war on drugs Could we apply double think/speak to these phrases?

The war on drugs

That war increased the sale of drugs ----- that war is ongoing --- will it be won when everyone is on drugs ?

The war on terror

Was that intended to terrorize the world and the citizens of the "Homeland"?

What other wars have been declared ?

Can double think be applied here ?


NC Dan

I forgot about the war on poverty --- and yep people did get poorer after it was declared didn't they

Update 2:

The illustration is valid --- the war on terror has created more terror --- it has not defeated terror it has exported it while keeping the people in fear of it

It has taken terror to someone else (expansion of the thing claimed to have been fought against) It has also been used to make the citizens of the exporter fear reprisals groups and other actions

Fighting fire with fire leads to a burned out town fighting terror with terror leads to predictable outcomes

Nonetheless the idea that double speak has been used was the topic

---- One saying and a different meaning 2 contradictory meanings held at the same time expressed in a phrase or thought "Cognitive dissonance"

The war on terror has produced terror the war on drugs has lead to increased use the war on poverty has given us more poor people not less

Double think ---

The war on terror was to defeat terror --- in reality it has increased it --- drugs increased poverty increased

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    Doublespeak is not only a literary reference to Orwell's 1984 but also a very real social engineering tactic.

    Yes, the "War on Drugs" and the "War on Terror" are both fraudulent.

    Calling something a "War on _____", when you are secretly promoting _____,and capitalizing on _____...

    ...that makes a strong candidate for Doublespeak.

    But for my money, the best examples of pure Doublespeak lie in the titles of certain documents, such as...

    the "PATRIOT" act

    the North American "Free" Trade Agreement

    the Food "Safety" Modernization Act

    America's "Affordable" "Health" "Choices" Act

    What, did you REALLY think they would just call it what it is?

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    How about the " War On Poverty "

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    How about No Child Left Behind?

    Was it the slogan for the Catholic Church ... or the Fast Food Industry?

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    The war on drugs - failure.

    War in Iraq - failure.

    War in Afghanistan - failure.

    Time to admit defeat and stop wasting money.

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    Uhhh... Cocaine hasn't issued a fatwa calling for the murder of Americans, military or civilian, on sight anywhere on earth... Just a minor difference...


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