Who can give the most brief history of switzerland?

like about 5 main points =)


also, what are some ethnic racial and political problems?

Update 2:

i said BRIEF, not a long page with a tiny scroll and small font!

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    The Swiss Guard have been famously fierce mercenaries from the 15th to 19th centuries, but now only 100 are left, serving just the Pope & Vatican City.

    Switzerland stayed neutral in both world wars, yet today every fit man serves in the army and stays in the reserves, and every household contains a bomb shelter and gun!

    In 2002, Switzerland finally joined the United Nations. More recently, the Swiss almost voted away their military.

    Swiss commas are decimal points, and vice versa: €1,50 is one and a half euros, and an American mile contains 5.280 feet. Also, when counting on your fingers, #1 is your thumb!

    Switzerland has 3 official languages: German=64%, French=20%, and Italian=7%. A fourth language, Romansh (or Romansch), is spoken by only 0.5%. Other languages include: Serbo-Croatian=1.5%, Albanian=1.3%, Portuguese=1.2%, Spanish=1.1%, and English=1% (2000 census)

    An American’s “second floor” of a building is the first floor in Europe.

    Time in Switzerland was very important. So important that they designed fancy watches that would keep precise time. No one knows where they where going but they new what time it was. Later they became tired of havening separated utensils and tools. Like a separate fork, knife and toothpick. It was just a pain to have to carry all this around with you. That gave rise to the well known Swiss army knife. The envy of all boy scouts.

    Today the swiss are known for being on time and ready for anything. From cutting something to opening a wine bottle at a moments notice.

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    AlI understand is there became into some civil conflict (William tell's time.) Then, an incredible piece of Italy became into taken. No wars interior the final 500 years, i think of. Switzerland has remained impartial via determination and via open commerce and via their open gold coverage, and via the reality they're difficult to invade. Switzerland became into extraordinarily remoted until Nobel used nitroglycerin in 1860 to blast the 1st Alpine tunnels. Hannibal invaded Rome with Elephants from the Alps. They took up watchmaking as flat land is at a top rate. Land is particularly costly there. households generally chop up a house. They call their u . s . a .:"Council Helvetia". they're Helvetians. you will see "CH" stickers and extensive style plates on eu automobiles, designating Swiss. They talk 75% German, some talk Italian, a small proportion close to lake Geneva talk French. an extremely small proportion talk the only Swiss language, Fahrsee, i think of. do no longer quote me on the the call of it. Even their German is diverse. There are Swiss words and names odd basically to Switzerland. they're the savingest people interior the international. an common of 10% of their earnings is going to mark downs. greater beneficial than eastern. EDIT: So, shrink the 8 traces off the backside. they're greater present day custom than history. it fairly is a quick u . s . a ....

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    Hm, I'd recommend to go to Wikipedia and there check the history of Switzerland. I'm sure you'll find what you need.

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  • Monty
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    Here is one site with a fairly brief history.


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