What exactly is an Engineer, and does a "Quantum Engineer" exist?

I am still in High School, but I am starting to think for my career. I have some interest in Math, Physics and Astronomy, and I would like to do something related to Quantum Mechanics or Electronics or something like that. What are some good choices for my interests, and what does it consist in?

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Oh, and I would like something related to discoveries or at least experiments. I am pretty good in Math and Sciences, but I hate writing papers, and I heard you must write a lot of thesis and stuff when you are in research.

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    An engineer is a professional problem solver.

    There is no such thing as a "quantum engineer," in the sense that no school offers a quantum engineering degree.

    If you want to do research, Chemical Engineering or Materials Science and Engineering are probably your best bet.

    Bioengineering would also have research opportunities, but you will have trouble getting a job if all you have is an undergrad degree.

    It seems like you may want to look into Electrical Engineering or Computer Science and Engineering too.

    I would suggest going to a school with a good engineering program in many disciplines. You will have plenty of time to decide which discipline you want to go with during your freshman year. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the different programs from the professors, faculty, researchers, and other students when you are in school.

    One of my favorite quotes from all of my ChE professors is:

    "A chemical engineer can do an environmental engineers job better than an environmental engineer can."

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    There is no such thing as a "quantum engineer"

    Engineers design things, make sure things are operating properly, look for ways to reduce cost, ect

    Engineers do not typically deal with quantum mechanics. The engineering fields that might use it would be Electrical, Nuclear, and Chemical.

    If you want to work with something related to QM, then you would want a PhD in Physics, Chemistry, or one of those three engineering fields.

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    In general terms, an engineer is someone who uses their expertise in math and science to help design practical applications for society. Yes, a "Quantum Engineer" does exist -- the more typical term is nano engineer, because it involves engineering at the microscopic level, namely to the order of 10^-9. And there's no doubt that if you want to do engineering at such level, you'll be applying quantum mechanics! By and large, if you have lots of interest in math and physics, an engineering field should be a very promising field for you. You'll definitely get an opportunity to apply tons of math and physics! Also, generally (at least in Canada), engineering at the university level also requires that you have some competency with computer programming languages. Since you like quantum mechanics and electronics, you may want to look into nano engineering and electrical engineering. However, many branches of engineering are intertwined so it's also worth looking at other engineering fields.

    Yes, if you do wish to have a career related to discoveries and/or where you carry out lots of experiments, I think something like being a physicist would be better suited than engineering. Simply because if you want a career that involves discoveries and experiments, you'll be expected to carry out lots of experiments and in order to prepare yourself to carry out experiments you're expected to learn all, if not, most of the theoretical background required to write up good research papers. So yeah, going into research does require you to write scientific papers/journals. And this is very different from engineering because even though you do learn very theoretical concepts when you study engineering, generally you're expected to apply these concepts in a practical manner.

    So yeah, I guess it really comes down to how you want to apply your math and science skills. Do you want to apply them in a practical manner or theoretical? If you want to do it in a practical manner, I think engineering is more promising, if you want to do it in a theoretical manner, then a researcher, physicist, and/or university professor is more promising. Hope this helps! and Good Luck chosing your path!

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    As technology becomes more intricate and advanced, quantum phenomena become more and more relevant to electrical circuits. You can become an electrical engineer. They specialize in figuring out how to make electricity do amazing things basically. If you are really interested in quantum mechanics then you should definetely study physics in college. BS MS and PhD. During your course of study to obtaining you degrees, some of your professors would be more than happy to allow you to join in on special research projects. However, in order to get your PhD in any field you must produce some kind of material that is worthy of being published and read by people working and studying that field of work(articles ranging from as little as 10 and up to 100 pages long). So, writing.. you have to do it so just get over that.

    This is my initial suggestion for you. Go into college wanting to major in electrical engineering. That way you can study physics and if you like these classes then switch over to physics and pursue your dreams from there. These subjects are not to be taken lightly as they require HOURS of study in order to master them.

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    Bro, being an ex roadie my brain is fried but I gotta tell you, I have a lot of respect for you.

    What ever career you decide to pursue I know you will succeed =)

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