The HOLOCAUST.. Never again? or all over again?

Concentration camps, gas chambers, starvation, deprivation, death.. What terrible things! Yet we condone and ignore them in our very midst. Where you ask? Right underneath your nose.. Every single day cats and dogs.. thousands and thousands. Every single year... millions. Put to death, starved, beaten, "euthanized" sometimes in gas boxes. Locked in cages, awaiting execution, living in cages caked in their own filth and feces. Shot, burned, starved, beaten, vivisected, experimented on, tortured... Deprived of the basic necessities of life, by every day people. Isn't it funny how simply because they are not human, what is being done to them every single day is not even associated with the holocaust? What is the difference besides species? If you look at the atrocities being visited upon companion animals, and you look at what was done to humans during the holocaust, it is very similar.. frighteningly so if you ask me. How can we turn a blind eye to this? Sure cats and dogs are not people, but they do not deserve to suffer at our hands any more than the Jews did at the hands of hitler. The only difference is, that these atrocities are not being committed by a powerful regime, they are being committed by every day people from all walks of life in every country, in every state and province and territory.. How can we look on this and rationalize it away simply because the victims aren't human?

PS This question was deleted so here it is again, it is a VALID question that is not violating the guidelines.


PETA sucks they are a bunch of misguided nuts.. I steer clear of them.

Update 2:

Yes Thimappa it should extend to all life. Just because one animal may be our prey and one our companion doesn't give us any rights at all to inflict torture upon them. The fact is that animals eat other animals, cruelty exists in all facets of life. We are the only ones who have the means to move beyond plain instinct into universal empathy. So I may catch fish and eat them but I make damn sure to kill them quick and cleanly instead of letting them suffocate on a stringer. The cat may be excused for killing a mouse slowly and cruelly in play, because the cat cannot put itself in the mouses place and empathize.. humans have no excuse because we CAN empathize. Peace!

Update 3:

Packs of wild dogs and feral cats are not the answer.. the answer is higher penalties for animal abuse, required licensing to breed, designation of cats and dogs as companion animals rather than property... and nothing less than a worldwide perceptual shift regarding non-human living beings as just as entitled to peace and freedom from persecution as people.

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    Why on earth would they delete this question? I agree with you. It's horrible and should be outlawed.

    What I can't understand is PETA, They condone this activity because they feel that unwanted animals should be euthanized. I don't believe that animals should be euthanized unless they are gravely sick or terminally injured. So what's up with PETA? Shouldn't they take the millions they use in advertising campaigns and open no-kill shelters for these animals? Shouldn't they start a fostering program for these animals? I wish I had their resources. Millions of dogs and cats would be saved if I did.

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    I understand your Question. I do not place more importance on animal suffering than human suffering. Misery, no matter who or what is experiencing it, still haunts my very soul. Man will always inflict harm, pain and mayhem on man, and animal. That is all. I know many people that lost relatives to war and the horrific events during the Holocaust. The plain truth is that the world was always in denial, and always seeks justification for any act deemed atrocious. I will continue to help combat the over-population caused by man, and to someday join a movement to eradicate the horror.

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    Billions of chicken and sheep slaughtered every day to feed people, isn't the compassion and condemnation be extended to them too. Unless we realize that our very existence is linked to the survival of every animal and plant - ecological balance - we won't be stopping this insanity of killing animals.

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    She who asked the question saved a cat she named 'Pearl', if my memory is correct. She is passionate and we need many more of her to speak for those who cannot. It is cruel that anyone would violate this question; it is valid and important. You go girlie!

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    i understand you are angry because of what my ancestor have done to the jewish fellas, but its time you move on and let it go.

    as for the animals, dont let it upset you, they are in a better place now... not in my yard..

    i personally catch every unleashed animal on my property and send them to a pound outside of my county, that way they are guaranteed a death..

    when will you irresponsible pet owners leash your damn animals..

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    ...........This is a valid question and I agree to your point....... However what is the alternative..?.... Packs of wild dogs.... very dangerous to their prey..... and feral cats...

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