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Do you think that the Chinese and Russian governments are using Twilight to invade North America and Europe?

Think about it: The Chinese communist government is giving twilight out so people can read it, become addicted to it and then not realize it when they invade. It will be a surprise attack. I haven't corrupted my mind by reading twilight or Harry Potter no sir. All I do is watch bugs bunny and play Oblivion and watch king of the hill and the simpsons.


We need to make things like they were in the 1950's! Decent and Anti-communist!

Update 2:

And you know caviar? Those aren't fish eggs there human cells put in by the Chinese to help take over the country.

Update 3:

ok well maybe the caviar was a little extreme but Twilght wasn't.

Update 4:

Really? What was the episode named?

Update 5:

Woops didn't mean to offend any people. It's just russian government not the russian people

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    Considering Twilight actually STARTED in North America, I'd say you're full of crap.

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    If you think 1950 was decent you need to read your history book. Racism, Sexism, huge gap between poor and rich.

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    I watched an episode of South Park last night thats premise was very similar to this...

    it's called Chinpokomon

    It's kind a similar, but not identical obviously.

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    What the hell?

    Weirdest question I've ever seen on here.

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    Talk about conspiracy theories. That is over the top.

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    Maybe you should think about anti-anxiety medication.

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    Uhm.... no I think your over thinking things personally !

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    I honestly believe your right!

    *What foolishness*

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