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A world free of nuclear weapons?

this childish myth still is propounded by many supposedly intelligent people. No matter what they stick to their guns, excuse the pun.

But could one persuade north korea to give up it nukes or china or pakistan or israel or the usa?

whilst there are dictators and megalomaniacs out there giving up nukes would invite the blackmail

of those countries who have no designs on others.

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    Even if all countries got rid of their atomic weapons, something I cannot ever see happening the bloody thing has already been invented. How can anyone erase that from the minds of scientists.? The world is stuck with this terrible weapon and only when we blow ourselves to oblivion will the final solution to this problem happen

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    it is going to require international government to verify it, so I would desire to assert "no" because of the fact from what i understand of government, i think of international government would be catastrophic for the human species, and for all life in the international. I stay interior the cleanest straightest usa interior the international. As a Federal prosecutor, I helped to make it that way. yet my government is a parliament of prostitutes. those that have not particularly been indicted for corruption in many situations renounce for his or her infidelity or their adventures interior the adult adult males's room, or their adventures with pages, or their prefer to stay away from drawing close indictment in the event that they do no longer renounce. The United international locations is an huge cesspool of graft, incompetence, greed, corruption, and robbery. So talk approximately time-honored ban the bomb schemes falls flat with me because of the fact I see what the variety of scheme would entail. If each and every of the regulation abiders have the nuclear weapons taken away by ability of the international government Police tension, then the only one's with nuclear weapons may be the outlaws and the international government Police tension. eliminating weapons is a fool's errand besides. the fabric is available. The technologies is available. If the towelheads can build a bomb all and sundry can. If the question have been "would it not particularly is a greater helpful international if there have been no nuclear weapons?" Then for sure the respond is confident. If i'd desire to push a button and all nuclear weapons and understand how and technologies would desire to unexpectedly disappear perpetually, would I push it? for sure i'd. yet wobbly creatures with one thumb of their mouth and one thumb on the different end, and who save switching thumbs back and forth, and particularly basically ******* wobblies and that they have got little or no to assert that a rational person would spend 5 seconds on. We certainly would desire to make progression, and turn into greater non violent and greater civilized. yet adventures interior the Vapor-Zone --- floating interior the Basket of Cloud-Land basically waste time and interest that would desire to be greater helpful deployed someplace else. Get actual!

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    That means all countries giving up nuclear weapons. for one the US and UK would not do it

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    I couldn't understand the question due to the bubbles.

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    It will only happen when Jesus comes back..

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