Should I be concerned about how much my son drinks when he's at the sitter?

My son is 6 1/2mo old and is breastfeed and plan on doing so until he is a year old. Starting off initially he refused to take a bottle at all be it breast milk or formula. Eventually he came around to taking the bottle. When he's at the sitter he gets formula and when he's with me I breastfeed him. The problem is is he's with the sitter for eight hours a day and will only drink 2 maybe 4oz a day. This really concerns me because I don't want it to affect his development and I don't want him to be hungry. He's eating cereal and vegetables now so when he's there he also gets cereal for breakfast and cereal and a vegetable for lunch. Also, he will only take the formula with cereal in it so I put a few tablespoons in his bottles. I've talked to his doctor and had his weight checked and he's gaining like he should and she said that as long as he is nursing good when he's with me and picking up weight then I should not worry. I just can't stop being concerned because a lot of people I know say that their babies drink at least 6 and 8Oz's at a time two or three times in an eight hour period.

Should I still be concerned even after the doctor says I shouldn't???

Any suggestions on how to get him to drink more??

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    After the age of 6 1/2 months, babies can get complementary foods (a.k.a. solids) when they are away from their mothers. This means that what you are doing right now sounds just like what you should be doing. He doesn't need to drink more formula. Let him have fun eating solids at the babysitter and if she feels the need to give formula, suggest she give it only before his nap(s) and never near the time when you are coming to pick him up (he needs to be hungry when he sees you so he nurses!).

    To make sure the breastfeeding relationship continues, nurse right before he gets dropped off at the babysitter, pump a few times during the day and give it to the sitter the next morning so she has breastmilk on offer if he wants it (and is refusing everything else, which can happen) and also to maintain your supply. Also nurse immediately on picking him up and then on demand through the night.

    There are great tips on working and breastfeeding on and if you search throught the site, there are also pages on introducing solids and all sorts of other topics. It's my online breastfeeding bible!

    Good luck with continued success breastfeeding.

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    If he dislikes the formula, how about pumping off your milk at work during the day for him to drink the next day? You could take a breast pump (small portable one) to work with you and do it on your breaks. This will increase your milk supply so he is getting more when he nurses in the evening. Putting formula in the bottle can block the hole in the nipple so he cannot suck. Perhaps a little honey in the formula would help the taste? Try a sippy cup if he is really disliking the bottle. He is probably teething so you could make popsicles out of frozen breast or formula and he will suck on them to cool his gums. He is gaining weight and your doctor feels he is developing normally, quit worrying about him and enjoy your baby!

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    Its very common with babies that are away from mom to not want to drink formula. As long as she's not hungry and getting some nutrients from baby food its okay. Like you said, if she's drinking enough with you then she's doing fine

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    ok im not trying to be mean at all... but this is alot to read and i think ur overreacting due to how long this paragraph is just for how much a baby drinks.. feed them when they are hungry.. they let ya know. this must be your first baby

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