my hp dv5000 and HDD problem?

my HDD gives me a blue screen so i connected the HDD externally to another laptop and formatted it, but wen i put it back in mine n try to reinstall winXP, it says it cant detect any hard drive, its a sata HDD. can any1 pls tell me wat to do

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are a number of reasons for a BSOD (Blue Screen) to appear, hardware or software. Anyway, I'm sure you had a good reason to be convinced that it was software related. As for your problem at hand, check if the BIOS detects your hard drive. If not, reseat the hard drive and try again. The hard drive probably needs replacing if you keep getting the NO_BOOTABLE_DEVICE_FOUND error. If it does but WinXP Setup is unable to see it, it's probably because the HDD is SATA. You can try reconfiguring the settings in the BIOS for SATA mode from AHCI to IDE. If that doesn't work, you can try downloading the SATA driver for your HDD into a USB Drive and press F6 during XP Setup to install third-party driver. Else, download the SATA driver for your HDD and streamline this driver to the XP CD (you have to copy your XP CD to a computer, and the SATA driver, then you have to burn both to a new CD, just Google how to streamline the driver to XP). Use the new CD to run Setup. Good luck.

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