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I need some surprising computer virus information or a fact.?

hi, i am doing an oral presentation about computer viruses. and i want to make my hook as a shocking fact or info.

My topic is "How to prevent viruses from attacking your computer"

I want some facts that can grab my viewer's/listener's attention.

i want some facts like these:

ie. last month, 50 computers were infected with trojans in vancouver..

This week, 2 worms were detected by Norton

i dont want some statics that u can find easily on a web and also which is not boring.

ie. list or a chart of virus found this month.

i am in first year computer studies, so i don't want the wording too easy or too difficult..

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    PROPER SECURITY PROTECTION-Microsoft Security Essentials, Malwarebytes and Superantispyware

    TWEAKED-used methods from Blackviper.com

    CLEANING TOOLS-Ccleaner.com ATF

    Virus removal details

    MSE removed following:

    BrowserModifer:Win32/Zangi 2* medium*

    TrojanDownloader:Win32/Zykwin.A 1* severe*

    TrojanDownloader:ASX/Wimad.AE 1* severe*

    TrojanClicker:ASX/Wimad.gen!H 1* severe*

    BrowserModifer:Win32/OneStepSearch 1* medium*

    Malwarebytes removal details-

    Adware.MyWebSearch 44*

    Superantispyware removal details-

    Adware.IWinGames 15*

    AdwareMyWebSearch 3*

    AdwareMyWebSearch/FunWebProducts 211*

    AdwareSelectRebates 4*

    AdwareTrackingCookie 105*

    Removed Programs


    *My Win Games-infected*****

    System Restore was turned of to dump restore points

    Browsers where being redirected

    NOTE: Used links from blog to download security software

    20hrs to disinfect and tweak

    Total infections removed- total- 379*****

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    The fact most people will be surprised by is the fact that even keeping you computer off-line, you still are not protected from viruses. Mind you, the fact that most malware seems to be designed to access the computer and then send info to the creator means the off-line computer is less vulnerable, but some viruses still simply do bad things to the computer...

    A friend had 50 viruses installed on his computer several years back when he installed a PC GAME onto his computer. The game was in the Factory Original Packaging.

    Good Luck!

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    that's what each and every of the information seems to point. The virus project does not artwork an analogy ok. We might have some defective programming. which would be if as quickly as we've been youthful we've been informed that Paris is the Capital of the rustic. We might have records overload - which would be rigidity and different emotional issues We might have honestly actual injury or 'wiring' issues interior the innovations. which would be issues like schizophrenia So the pc analogy works yet basically constrained NB: a topic with the analogy is that our innovations is self programming. the information to improve and run the programme comes from our stories. We even have emotions that are component to the programme of the innovations

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    Some fun facts about hacking.

    -It is impossible to protect yourself from someone who actually wants your information, they access your cached data in which they may view all the data that is saved. Even with servers they can still access the cached data and get past it.

    -The botnet Zeus has infected over 1 million computers

    For more information visit http://www.hackernews.com for all your information from the hacker news netowrk.

    Source(s): HNN
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