IT questions help please?

2. State in your own words what it means for a disk to be "fragmented"?

3. Why would a highly fragmented disk slow a system down?

4. If running Chkdsk from the command prompt what command is used to check drive C: in a way that locates bad sectors and recovers readable information?

5. What Disk Cleanup options are available? (less than 50 words)

6. A computer with an AMI BIOS indicates a fault with six beeps after startup. Use an Internet search to discover the meaning of this beep code.

7. When running Chkdsk from the Command Prompt what does the /f switch do?

8. Name three well-regarded anti-virus programs, where they can be obtained and what kind of licensing they have. What is the difference between a virus and a trojan?

9. State clearly why automatic update of anti-virus software should not be turned off.

10. What is a computer virus "host"?

11. What should be the first action if a virus is found on one computer in a network?

12. What is "spyware" and how is it acquired?

13. What are "cookies" and how are they acquired?

14. List four symptoms of virus infection.

15. How would you know that you have anti-virus software running in the background while you are using your computer?

KK so these were the questions i was given on my revision sheet, but i was absent sick the week they learnt it all, was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some good relevant learning material or help me with the above questions... :S

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    2. Files on the disk are stored in the first available spaces, and broken up as necessary to do that. If there are more than about 10% of the files split up into pieces, then the disk is called "fragmented."

    3. It takes longer for the system to find and join all the pieces of fragmented files than to retrieve files that are all together (contiguous).

    7. The /f switch caused ChkDsk to fix the problems that it encounters, if possible.

    9. New viruses are always being produced, and the anti-virus program's data files need to be kept up-to-date in order to protect your computer against these new ones.

    11. Run an anti-virus program on all computers in the network.

    12. Spyware may be part of a legitimate program or the entire program. Its purpose is to send back information about your computer and how you use it to someone, who can use that information to send you spam or redirect your browser while you are using it.

    13. Cookies are small files that allow a website to know if you frequently access it. Some cookies are called "tracking" cookies, and help the website keep track of other websites that you visit. All cookies can be safely deleted after an Internet session.

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