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Is the K&N Heat sheild really needed?

I had bought a K&N FIPK off ebay. I got it cleaned and everything but i just realized it didnt come with a heat sheild. Should i go out and buy one? Does the heat sheild really do any use?

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    A K&N air filter won't do a whole lot of anything for you. It will make you're intake sound deeper and give it a mean sound. I say it wont do alot because, once you put your K&N filter oil on the filter it basically restricts the air back to basically a stock filter. If you want an example of a dry filter compared to an oiled one, take a two wash cloths and get one wet and leave the other one dry. Put the wet one up to your face and suck in, then take the dry one and put it up to your face and suck... the dry rag is easier to suck air through than the wet one... thus being a oiled filter to a dry one. You wont need a heat shield because the cold air intake is pointless either way. Another reason they're pointless is because your combustion chamber can only bring in so much air which your stock filter does... you get better flow but just the same amount of air with the K&N

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    Yeah without it you r gonna get heated air from under the hood rather than cool air from outside

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    sometimes those shields are not needed.. if you bought a k&n kit it should have came with it if it is needed. not all kits have this requirement. i would call k&n customer service and ask them

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