Is it true that KABALLA book written by a Jewish lady or genteman named YUDA is not avalable in FARSI? thanks?

Good morning...A freind of mine is very much intrested to find and read the book called KABALLA written by someone called Mr. or Miss YUDA! A Jewish Iranian chap who apperently (have been reading this kind of books for years) was interdued to my friend by another male Jew that my friend met him somewhere around Bathrust and Eglinton area in Toronto told him (the wholly book is perhabited to be translated in another lanagauge) which neither my friend nor me accept that because (a narrow minded funny looking religious man) once gave (me) exactly (the same answer) when (i) asked him (how come we shouldn't read the holly GHORAN and also pray 5 times a day) in our own FARSI lanaguage (so million's of Iranian's such as my Mom and millions more (NONE ARABS) around the world wouldn't have to read the book written in ARABIC but do not understand a word!?

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    Yes, Persian is not Arabic. Jewish friends I knew from the border between Iran and Iraq told me a little about life there. The Jews tell their kids stories about Daniel's vision and King Cyrus. The grandparents knew Aramaic as well as Farsi. The Zohar (a deep explanation of Torah) was written in a Kurdish Aramaic script. If you know that, you might be able to read the original better than most of us!

    The guy in Toronto could have been from the Kabbalah Centre (Yehuda Berg) or Bnei Baruch Institute (Michael Laitman, PhD) which are Holywood/popular versions of Kabbalah. Bnei's Kabbalah book in Farsi.

    A blog of theirs in Persian:

    I agree with all the other Jewish posters here who warn against Madonna's Kabbalah. It seems they do ok to learn beginners vocabulary words only - what is tzimtzum, what are the sephirot, the cloaking of the worlds. All of that is fairly straightforward, and even Madonna doesn't mess that up. The problem is they try to get you stuck in their system and pull you away from the real meaning, namely connecting to G-d through Torah. They have multi-million dollar businesses they want you to connect to that instead of G-d. You and your friend may have had good instincts about that guy to stay away. It takes dedication and study to learn.

    All the best on your spiritual journey.

    Source(s): I'm surprised the Ghoran is not in Farsi. Jewish Scripture and many writings are. For other questions about Kabbalah, you can ask here if you like:
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    Kaballa, or Kabbala, is not the title of a book.

    It is the name given to the mystical study of Torah, the Jewish sacred text. Many books have been written on this topic.

    The "funny looking religious man" was right--without an in-depth knowledge of Torah in its original language, you wouldn't be able to make much sense of it.

    The popular-fad stuff which is passed off as Kabbala nowadays, the stuff Madonna was into, that is mumbo-jumbo, not real Kabbala. (Avoid anything to do with "The Kabbala Centre" )

    Here is some useful information to start you off:


    Source(s): Me, Conservative Jew
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  • 1 decade ago

    Not all books are available in all languages. Publishers make a judgment whether it is profitable to translate, print and publish any book in another language. If they decide the market is limited, they will not do it. Since Kaballa is of limited interest, I doubt that anyone will translate it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Kabbalah comes from The Zohar. Sorry, but I don't understand most of your ramblings.


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  • Mawia
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    1 decade ago

    Contact Madonna, according to reports, she follows Kaballa teachings - she may be distributing copies.

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