Health Care; What next? no Prostate tests until they swell twice their size? no cancer tests?

until admitted to hospice?

WASHINGTON – First mammograms. Now — in an apparent coincidence — Pap smears.

New guidelines by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say most women in their 20s can have a Pap smear every two years instead of annually to catch slow-growing cervical cancer.


it may be larger than Obama. Hei s not aware of everything. Looks as though the Bill will pass, but those making decisions see there will be no profit unless some services are cut Before bill comes into effect. I don't blame Obama. at all.

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    Well.... swelling twice the size would save on the perma grin,apparently the pharmasuitical companys are not making enough money off of mamograms so they are promoting prozac, ect. And H1N1 vaccines....

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    I medical science is only right when its convenient for you?

    The USPSTF that issued the breast cancer recommendations was started in 1984, with its current members being put on over 7 years ago.

    For the past 2 years the American College of Physicians And the National Research Center for Women & Families and their Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund have been advocating delaying mammograms until age 50.

    You are also aware that a mammogram is an X-ray, and that over-exposure to ionizing radiation can increase your chances of developing cancer, right?

    You know...the agency that issued the new pap smear recommendations is actually the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists...and that it doesn't include women who smoke, have multiple sexual partners, or are at risk for ovarian cancer.

    The average age of cervical cancer diagnosis is 45. Therefore frequency should increase the closer you get to that number. When you're in your 20's it's fair to say that if you have a normal pap smear, there aren't going to be any significant changes within 2 years. As you get older, you become more at risk for cervical cancer, thus frequency increases.

    This isn't new and it doesn't have anything to do with the government. They are recommendations based on a body of evidence.

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    This is the problem with government funded health care... Once people accept that the government should pay for ANY part of their health care, they come to expect them to pay for EVERY aspect of their health care. It's a slippery slope, and we're already skidding down it.

    Recommendations like these... which is what these are... have been going on for years. They are based on studies of efficacy of procedures and treatments. STATISTICALLY, the benefits of having mammograms (for example) done before age 50 don't support the cost and even the potential risk of the test... or follow-up procedures... that comes from tests that may turn out to be not needed due to false positives (which happens a lot with mammograms).

    But even then, because these are recommendations, the doctor and patient still have the right to have the test done. Whether it will be covered in this bill... who knows?

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    The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is not the Government.


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    The Democrat Health Plan:

    Die Quickly !

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    Reasons Why Obama Got Elected:

    Because he is Black. Because he is a smooth, Silver Tongued Devil. Because he deceived and is deceiving the American People. He has not kept any campaign promises and never will. Obama has absolutely, undeniably proven himself to be a Markist.

    I am an Independent Voter. Shame, Shame, SHAME be upon ANYONE who votes for Obama in 2012!!!

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    Probably due to pressue from insurance companies.

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    Post hoc ergo propter hoc

    ACOG is a private organization and we know how much republicans love the private sector.

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    This is another example of the last admin wanting to keep women as second class citizens. and you don't think there is a good old boys network. tsk tsk

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