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Is something wrong with my computer?

My last computer stopped working because of a virus so i'm a little paranoid. But whenever i run a scan on Norton Antivirus, i get:

"C:\ Program Files (X86) \ Internet Explorer \ iexplore.exe " is preparing to access the internet

What does this mean? Also, whenever i run a scan, i get unauthorized access logged. What does that mean? Thankks :)

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    thats internet explorer, probably the program your using now to cruise the internet (hense the name "explorer :P ) its nothing at all.

    Norton in and of itself is a virus, You ever tried getting norton off a computer? it's as hard as the viruses themselves, Not to mention norton pulls these random BS prompts out of its a@# every couple minutes to show you.

    Honestly, I dont have any Anti-Virus software, My firewall is disabled and theres no pop up blockers and other BS. And i havent had a virus in over 3 years at this point.

    It's accepting ActiveX controls that get you in trouble, ActiveX allows a open portal from whoever you said yes to inside your computer,

    Myspace and Facebook games Require a ActiveX control, and the reason those games are free is because they go in and STEAL your internet Browsing history and sell it to Advertisers for a profit. they also collect data on how long your on your computer each day, where you go, what you buy and how long you stay at a certain site, your name, your address, who you pay your bills with and how much, who is your bank and if you use online banking or not. Its pretty scandelous.

    And other peoples viruses and spam seek out these open portals and exploit them by themselves when ever you access those websites you accepted the Active X control from, And then proliferate themselves on your system. (that is the point at which you notice something is wrong)

    (you agreed to it when you clicked that yes, if you read that handy Terms of Service agreement)

    So in short, Norton wont really help you keep viruses off your system, If it did then they would be out of business rather shortly, (with a program called Wireshark, you can deny access to your computer before they even have a chance to enter, unlike norton which allows it to come in and set up shop, then decides to tell you about it, but oh you need this 9.99$ service pack to get rid of it)

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    iexplorer = Internet Explorer the web browser. I dont know for sure, but I'm guessing norton updates through internet explorer.

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