History of Traditional Irish Music?

I'm wondering how traditional vocal songs were circulated over all of Ireland. Without the mass media production that we have today, how was it possible for people all over the country to know so many of the same tunes? Also, did the music evolve or has it stayed the same as when it was first written or is it possible to know this?

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    firstly im irish but i aint that well versed in my countries music history.

    eh basically we had things called Bards (poets etc) they travellled around ireland telling stories poems etc.

    also as you know my country is huge into music, it was rare for folks to not have a son/daughter in the family playing the harp or various other things. it was considered very prestigeous to have a child to play music. similar to the way modern society values doctors.

    its the same in any culture how traditional songs get spread, the amazing thing is my country was retarded and didnt know how to write as well as Europe, i dont know how some songs got kept.

    yeah our music has evolved quite alot, the old old stuff is a bit bland at times, like riverdance was a very upbeat irish music.

    some jigs are quite repetitive.

    il post you some irish bands actually Rory G started the rock movement for ireland NOT thin lizzy or u2 as commonly mistaken, ROry G was basically on par with hendrix and them he was an amazing guitarist & played 5 odd other instruments.

    Rolling stones wanted him in their band & dylan wanted to do an album with him.

    thats just some of his merits, he never released singles yet sold 30 million albums & was a very shy guy.

    Rory Gallagher- Too Much Alcohol (acoustic slide VERY catchy)


    Youtube thumbnail

    Rory Gallagher- Walk On Hot Coals (unbelieveable solo for like 5 mins in this song ROCK)


    Youtube thumbnail

    Ash-Burn Baby Burn (very underrated irish band ALT ROCK/new wave Punk)


    Youtube thumbnail

    Bell X1-Rocky Took A Lover (ALT ROCK rock f*cking unreal band)


    Youtube thumbnail

    The Frames-Everytime (cover of britneys song ACOUSTIC)


    Youtube thumbnail

    Rory Gallagher-Wheels Within Wheels (acoustic)


    Youtube thumbnail

    The Answer-Under The Sky (hard rock)


    Youtube thumbnail

    Imelda May-Johnny Got a Boom Boom (rockabilly this stuff rules for foot tapping)


    Youtube thumbnail

    Unfortunately my country amazingly enough sucks at promoting its artists, u2 etc are signed to foreign labels.

    i have no doubt (and im taking this purely from a music perspective) that ireland has some amazing artists that have the potential to easily be the next ''u2''

    if you want some irish folk musicians

    The Dubliners

    christy moore

    paddy casey

    damien dempsey

    Rory gallahger (did some celtic work)

    luke kelly

    luka bloom

    Source(s): just pick at those links, i dont expect you to watch all of them or even to watch them for that long. but please watch them i took the time to get them. if you got anymore Qs email me Source: irish bass player/songwriter
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    6 years ago

    The traditional songs just passed from person to person. People would have get-togethers and would teach each other songs and people would travel from place to place and take the songs with them. It ended up a bit like Chinese whispers and you get lots of variations of songs and there are similaraties between a lot of the songs.

    Irish singing and music has changed in the recent years with influences from other music genres, such as jazz and other cultures but it still contains the basic traits that it always had. :)

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    1 decade ago

    try wikipedia..umm i hv no idea about it..sorry

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wikipedia.com i bet they have it.

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