What is the clear plastic tube coming out of the cold water tap and going back into the wall in my laundry tub?

It is about 1 cm in diameter and if you don't shut either the hot or cold tap off tight enough, then you hear and see little air bubbles flowing up from the tap and into the wall. What is that thing? It was there when I moved in and I have often wondered. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Old style taps have a inner seal, witch takes a 5/16 allen key to tighten or loosen, usually hot water side, Shut off water supply, then take a good look around and kick everyone in sight, then take a philis and take off the head,but remove the Hot/Cold tab First got to second because first wasan'ton first, I need a Vacation. 24 Hour Service Where Not knowing

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    Its a low flow supply for something else- like an icemaker or humidity system, maybe a filtered water supply at the kitchen sink?

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