How does one improve their writing abilities?

I don't mean grammar wise. How can I improve my writing to sound more professional while writing scholastic papers and essays.

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    Most colleges have a writing center with advanced English majors or graduate students or occasionally faculty who can help you with writing your papers and making them better while you're writing. Finish your draft a few days early and take it over there to go over it with them. You can also ask your professor if he/she would be willing to look over a few parts of your draft with you during office hours. Failing that, maybe you can exchange services with someone who is great at writing but needs tutoring in something you're better at.

    By the same token, read your instructors' comments when you get a paper back. Be diligent about incorporating all the suggestions if you have to do another draft, or if you don't, save it so you can refer to it if needed. Maybe make a checklist in Word of their main points of criticism (so you know what bad habits to look out for), things professors want to see (they will have their personal preferences, but more similarities than differences) and good advice. Each time you get a paper back with new comments, add to your list.

    When you're reading secondary sources, try not only to look for information, but also to notice things about their writing that work well. How do they write their introduction? How do they structure their argument? Can you clearly follow their line of thought, and if so, how do they help you along? What makes it good and what can you imitate (not copy, lol)? Can add these things to your checklist too.

    As for the specifics, there are really too many things to list here in terms of overall structure, argumentation, research and little details of style. There are some good internet writing guides, just use your Google and you're sure to find some tips on whatever aspect of writing you're having difficulty with.

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    use personifications and similes and stuff. go to a journalism class!

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    read read read read

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