How long does the Theory of Evolution predict before we go to monkeys for advice?

I'm not well versed in Evolution but I am willing to learn.

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    The blunt answer, never.

    The longer answer: Organisms don't just evolve into superior beings. Species evolve to be more fit to a certain environment. It just so happened that our evolutionary ancestors evolved to exhibit social behaviors, increased brain size, cognition, imagination, etc. But the environmental factors that promoted that type of evolution are numerous and like somebody already said, took millions and millions of years. You can see evidence that primates have evolved some of these abilities as they live in groups and some individuals are capable of tool making. So maybe, under the right circumstances they could evolve cognition and imagination like us but that process would take an extremely long time. The problem is, humans have already developed all over the world. Not only that, humans are capable of altering the environment WAY faster than animals can respond to our evolve into, i.e. global warming, habitat removal, hunting, development. Thus, it is extremely unlikely that the same environmental conditions that promoted humans to evolve into beings of higher thought exist any longer, and if they did they won't be around much longer.

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    Often, there's the assumption that, apes today are exactly the same as what humans evolved from. That's incorrect.

    The human ape split (last common ancestor) was 6-8 million years ago. Since that time both apes and humans have been evolving. Compare today's humans to Ardipithicus ramidus and you get an idea how much change that has occurred.

    Humans developed when a small population became isolated from the main group. That explains the question "Why are there still apes" and shows the difficulty or replicating humans. Isolate a band of chimps for 8 million years. After that time the odds are having humans evolve is almost nil. There are simply too many accidents, mutations and genetic drift to the process.Most likely the band will quickly die off.

    Complicating things is the fact that our line (and the apes) split from monkeys 25 million years ago. Odds are better for apes to devlop intelligence then the smaller monkeys.

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    It doesn't. Why would you think it would?

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