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What happens to an infection after tooth extraction?

Does the infection clear up if it was deep in the gums? or do you need antibiotics?

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    An infection will not go away without the help of antibiotics. Yes, you can control it with Listerine and the like, but it will never be GONE. You need to go back to the dentist, ASAP, and have him/her prescribe and antibiotic for you! Extractions do not need to be followed with antibiotics unless there is a preexisting infection. The reason you don't need to follow an extraction with antibiotics is because your body will build up an immunity to the antibiotic that is UNNECESSARILY put into the body, so when you really need that antibiotic, it won't work. Good luck, and see that dentist!

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    Any oral surgery should be completed with a course of antibiotics. It's not just the decay and infection you have to worry about. The mouth is incredibly disgusting and holds TONS of bacteria. You mainly take antibiotics to prevent the bacteria in your mouth from causing an infections.

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