Kay!! Umm..like when did the 13 provinces of Canada join together on which date? please help! >.<?

It'd be awesome if you guys could give me a map or something of how they looked like when they joined! I want to know the date try to be as exact as possible yea this is my h.w xD doing it last min srry ppls! But plz help if possible!

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    The 10 provinces and 3 Territories joined Canada on the following dates:

    Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick- July 1, 1867

    Manitoba and North West Territories- July 15, 1870

    British Columbia- July 20, 1871

    Prince Edward Island- July 1, 1873

    Yukon- June 13, 1898

    Alberta and Saskatchewan- September 1, 1905

    Newfoundland- March 31, 1949

    Nunavut- April 1, 1999

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    There are only 10 provinces in Canada. There are also 3 territories. July 1st, 1867 is when the British North American Act created the Dominion of Canada.

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    Umm.. like, there aren't 13 provinces of Canada, and the provinces there are didn't all join at the same time. Maybe you better do this homework yourself, because it's bound to be on a test and you really do need to learn something about it.

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    Kay!! Umm.. there are, like...10 provinces dude.


    Three territories.


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    I won’t even bother answering this question because everybody else said that there isn’t thirteen provinces. Thanks for the 2 points BTW.

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