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Should Kristen Hall get money from Sugarland?

Kristen Hall filled a lawsuit against her ex-band-members, Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush, of Sugarland for $1.5 million back on June 29, 2008. Now she left Sugarland willingly according to Nettles and Bush towards the end of 2005 to stay home and write songs.

Now Hall's wants dues from the band because of an unwritten contract between her, Nettles and Bush. Why would that make an agreement like that in the first place? The only profits she should get is money from the first album and probably the second album seeing as she co-wrote the song "Sugarland" in the album Enjoy the Ride. Other then that she doesn't need the profits from the other two albums right?

Many rumors have speculated that Halls was forced out of the band because she is overweight and other rumors are she was forced out of the band because she's an openly "out" lesbian. Though these are just rumors and are probably not the true reason but it opens the doors to the question of why she's getting profits from a band she "supposedly left willingly".

Why was there an agreement made that she should have equally share to profits and losses since she left the band? Something's not right there is it? What do you think? Should Nettles and Bush pay up or should Hall back off?


Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of Sugarland and personally I don't think she should profit from the band anymore but I just want your opinion.

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    When I heard about her lawsuit, I thought it was pretty stupid. I could see her getting money for the first album and other songs she had written for the band. In my opinion, now she wants money for not working. And for the rumor about being forced out of the band because of her weight, whether it's true ot not, last time I checked, Wynonna Judd and Rita MacNeil weren't a size 4 and their doing fine with their careers. And the lesbian rumor, I mean come on, there are a lot lesbian singers that have a good music career, there's too many to name. So, I don't think Jennifer and Kristian should have to pay her for the stuff she had nothing to do with.

    Source(s): Me and my honest opinion.
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