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If Mankind makes a plan, what does Allah SWT usually do with that plan. Does Allah have a greater plan?

Notice no man has been ever able to rule the entire of the Earth.

When Adam A.s. came to earth, he was told 1/2 the Land was for him. He replied, "Whom is the other 1/2 for?".


we - if that is the case then why are you all talknig about God so much? LOL!

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    Praise be to Allah:

    Allah says in Qura'an:

    Allah bears witness that none is worthy of worship apart from Him; and the angels and those who possess knowledge also bear testimony to it (as well as the fact) that He designs and executes every plan with justice. None is worthy of worship but He. He is Almighty, All-Wise.

    (Āl ‘Imrān, 3:18)

    Then, the disbelieving (Jews) conspired secretly (to execute ‘Isa [Jesus]) but Allah covertly designed His plan (to safeguard ‘Isa [Jesus]). And Allah is the Best of secret planners.

    (Āl ‘Imrān, 3:54)

    And when the disbelievers were engaged in hatching secret conspiracies against you to captivate you or slay you or banish you (from the country on the one side), they were plotting intrigues, and (on the other) Allah was planning His strategy (to thwart their intrigues). And Allah is the Best of the Secret Planners.

    (al-Anfāl, 8:30)

    And they ask you: ‘Is that matter of (everlasting torment certainly) true?’ Say: ‘Yes, by my Lord, it is certainly an absolute truth and you cannot frustrate (Allah’s plan by your denial).’

    (Yūnus, 10:53)

    So Yusuf (Joseph) began to search their sacks before his brother’s. Then (at last) he took (the goblet) out of his (real) brother’s (Benjamin’s) sack. That is how We revealed to Yusuf (Joseph) the plan. He could not have held his brother (as a captive) under the law of the King (of Egypt) except (as) Allah wills. We exalt in ranks whom We like. And above every possessor of knowledge is (also) One possessing greater knowledge.

    (Yūsuf, 12:76)

    And he seated his parents on the throne and they (all) fell down prostrate before Yusuf (Joseph) and Yusuf (Joseph) said: ‘O father, this is the interpretation of (that) dream of mine which I had seen (long) before. (To most of the commentators it took forty years.) And my Lord has surely proved it true. And indeed He did me a (great) favour when He took me out of the prison and brought all of you (here) from the desert after Satan had stirred up discord between me and my brothers. The fact is that my Lord makes easy with (His) plan whatever He wills. Indeed He alone is All-Knowing, Most Wise.

    (Yūsuf, 12:100)

    And I swear by Allah, I shall certainly implement a plan against your idols after you turn back and go away.’

    (al-Ambiyā’, 21:57)

    Whoever thinks that Allah will not at all help His (beloved and most exalted) Prophet in the world and in the Hereafter should tie a rope to the ceiling (of his house) and then hang and strangle (himself). Then let him see whether his plan removes that (help of Allah) at which he feels enraged.

    (al-Hajj, 22:15)

    They worked out a plan in secret and We (also) devised a secret scheme (to foil that), and they did not get a hint of it.

    (an-Naml, 27:50)

    See then what was the end of their (wicked) plan! Surely We destroyed those (leaders) and their entire people altogether.

    (an-Naml, 27:51)

    And the wife of Pharaoh said (on seeing Musa [Moses]): ‘(This child) is coolness of eyes for me and for you; do not kill him. He may perhaps bring us benefit or we may adopt him as a son.’ And they were unaware (of the outcome of this plan).

    (al-Qasas, 28:9)

    He plans and executes the Command and Control System from the heavens to the earth. Then His Command ascends (and will ascend to completion) towards Him in one Day which measures one thousand years according to (the number) that you count.

    (as-Sajdah, 32:5)

    He created the heavens and the earth with a zero-defect strategy and planning. He causes the night to overlap the day and the day to overlap the night. And He is the One Who has subjected the sun and the moon (to a system). Each (star and planet) rotates in its orbit till an appointed time. Beware! He is the One Who is All-Dominant (over the entire system), Most Forgiving.

    (az-Zumar, 39:5)

    When some suffering touches man, he cries to Us. But when We grant him some favour from Us he starts saying: ‘This favour has come to me on (the basis of my own) knowledge and planning.’ In fact it is a trial but most of them do not know.

    (az-Zumar, 39:49)

    The tracts to the heavens; then I may peep and glance at the God of Musa (Moses); and I consider him but a liar.’ And in this way the evil conduct of Pharaoh was made charming for him and he was hindered from the path (of Allah). And the treacherous plan of Pharaoh was merely a catastrophe.

    (Ghāfir, 40:37)

    Then Allah safeguarded him against their evils which they were planning. And an evil torment engulfed the people of Pharaoh.

    (Ghāfir, 40:45)

    now I guess every one will know about Allah(SWT)'s plans.

    Source(s): Qura'an
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