Could you identify women & men cologne/perfume? (Part of Science Fair Project)?

Ok, I think I need a better title.. The point is, "Which gender could identify women and men cologne/perfume better?". My hypothesis is: I think that women could identify colognes and perfumes better than men can because they do the shopping with that stuff more and would know the difference in the scents.

I don't think the word "identify" should be in there.. So if you have a better word, suggestions are welcome. And please, answer the question. Thanks! =D

PS: It's due tomorrow & I'm a procrastinator, which means I just started & thought of this last night!! Soo, I know its not a great idea.. But I want marks for my science class!

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    Another word you can use to replace "identify" with is "distinguish". I would agree that in general women can distinguish the difference between colognes/perfumes better. I also think you do make a good point that the main reason women can distinguish the difference is because they have more exposure to fragrances in general. However, it is not always true because I myself have a very good nose for fragrances but that is because I do expose myself to many different fragrances being that I collect colognes, and buy different perfumes to women I know and ones that I am in a relationships with.

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    I think you are right. Women tend to smell better than men in this matter to differentiate between perfume (usually more floral scent) and cologne (usually more musky, woodsy and masculine scent). However the "Nose" (the expert/person who makes or develops scents/fragrances for a special Cosmetics House) are most of the time Men (especially in Europe, Paris, Rome etc). Hope it helps.

    Source(s): Works as a Make Up Artist.
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    You need test rats. What I mean by test rats I mean people who will test stuff for you. Go to a perfume store or get a couple of perfumes and then get a group of boys and girls and have them sniff the perfume and cologne and then record whatever they say about it.

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    recognize. and im a woman and i can smell pretty well. hope this helps(:

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