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What do you think of the whole situation in Peru?

Certain tribes in Peru have recently been exposed for killing random people, beheaded and delimbing them and hanging the dead bodies over fires as the fat is drained. The fat is then bottled and sold to COSMETIC COMPANIES!

I think it's sick beyond belief!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First, that was not a tribe, that was a criminal organization. Second, the victims were not random people. These criminals usually targeted farmers who lived far away from the cities and were lured with fake job opportunities to very remote areas, making it almost impossible for the police to trace them.

    People in Peru got really upset when they learned about this.

    The destination of this human were labs in Europe dedicated to produce cosmetics. So they are as responsible for these crimes as the murderers.

    And yes, those crimes are disgusting and are just a proof of what greed can make people do.

    By the way, human organ trafficking exists even in developed countries like the US and Western European countries.

    Source(s): I'm from Peru
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow you guys are truly ignorant.

    First of all im from Peru, but study in the states.

    Second of all, Peru as any other latin american country (except brasil) is a developing country.

    I go to peru often, my american friends go to peru often and we always have a blast.


    Now, it was not a tribe that did this nor just people in the city...

    You see, developing countries have people living in the cities, suburbs but also people living in the farm, who are poor and grow their cattle/animals and food to survive.

    This happened IN A REMOTE AREA, high in the sierra area.. wer there is no sense of civilization. This was in a remote RURAL area = poor area, where ive never been, nor someone that is connected to "modern-civilization would be" ...

    It was more like a gang of poor peasants killing other poor peasants. And yes, I think it is a horrific crime to kill human beings for their fat, regardless.

    Now, it is assumed that EUROPEAN countries paid for the fat. HOW and WHY?

    After capturing this criminal band called "Los pistachos" , police interrogate them and found out that this gang from the rural and remote areas of Peru sold human fat in the city to italian connections. These would then send it and sell it to Europe. I think they wer receiving up to $60,000 per galon of human fat.

    Like I said, please do not listen to all these commentaries saying.. "thank god peru is not on my to-visit-country list" ...

    Theres even worse crimes being commited in the US.. like storing a body in the refrigerator and eating chunks of it.. and that was recent .. from civilized people that at least have access to education.

    So dont freak out.. Theres gangs in mexico killing people for their organs and making bank. And those are not rural/poor gangs..

    Hope you get my point..

    But i do agree that it is not acceptable, and the gang will be prosecuted and sent to jail.

    Source(s): Im peruvian, i follow peruvian news.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, and the lumber industry has come in and denuded the forest and forced certain tribes out of their homes, culture etc....maybe it has nothing to do with cosmetics...

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah...i read an article about that...didnt they eat the rest of the bodies as well?

    its really just happy peru isnt in my list of places to seems like they'd be freaked out by this even tho theyyyy're the ones doing it

    Source(s): its scary :X v^___^
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Usually in poverty stricken places people do the extreme to survive, life isn't great.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Gimme a link to this.

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