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Is it harder to lose fat or gain muscle?

is it harder to gain 30 lbs of muscle or is it harder to lose 30 lbs of fat? which one takes longer?

i think it requires a lot more hard work to build muscle than to lose fat but please give me your opinion.

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    Try the lil Jack exercise video

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    now you have to look at it this way

    30lbs of fat....and only fat will require you to lose about 50lbs of body weight

    which means the person we're talking about is obese.....and that should be easy to do since, that person's metabolism is very simply speeding his/her metabolism, via eating 4-6 meals a day and a low intensity workout routine 3 days a week..

    that weight should shed!

    i'd estimate the rate of weight loss at 2-4 lbs a week (with very minimal effort)

    30lbs of lean muscle isn't easy to gain at all

    you can gain 2lbs a week....of weight, not muscle weight...

    which means, after you gain weight you'll need to work off the excess calories or lose the 6pack abs, which no one wants

    it'll probably take a year or a bit more for the AVERAGE person to gain 30lbs, this is with a strict diet, an intense workout, and if the person stays healthy and doesn't lose the motivation to keep working when the results slow/stunt, then re-adapt and keep working at it.

    with that said 30lbs of muscle is a lot harder to gain, and keep!

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    It is harder to gain 30 lbs of muscle. You can easily lose fats by mild exercise along with proper diet while gaining muscles requires you to undergo a heavy weight training. You can visit to learn on how to body your muscles effectively.

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    I agree, it is harder to gain muscle than it is to lose fat. But in all seriousness, is way easy to lose fat than gaining muscle because for one, fat is stored in your body therefore, can make it much flexible and logically possible to lose it. For example, running can help you lose fat but not help you gain muscle. I guess you can say is the much more easy and conservative way, weight lifting or tone building can take a whole lot of time and duration, you will have to be patient.

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    it is way harder to loose 30 lbs. if you want to do it in a healthy manner. building muscle also takes time but i think its a little easier. you just have to stick with a workout everyday.

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    I kinda think it's like as you lose fat, you gain muscle. But I'm not sure.

    If that's not right, I think it's easier to gain muscle than to lose fat.

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    you lose fat whilst gaining muscle so i guess there both equally as hard :)

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