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I am not sure if this is something I should be worried about?

For a while now I have been very tired. At first I blamed it on my new diet ( eating lost of vitamins and fiber and iron :)) But then my headaches came back more often ( there was a time i had so many headaches!!) At first I thought it was because I was tired and because I have a hard time to sleep... But then my lymph nodes got swollen twice but came down with advils... I was not worried until the lymphs nodes became swollen. It looked like leukemia symptoms. Heat flashes I have had since I was a teenager so I don't consider them and sweating for that matter. But the rest starts to worry me. Then again I might be worrying too much and I might just have a cold or these symptoms are just because I'm not getting enough sleep and changed a lot my diet???? I'm not sure :-s Other than that, that's all thats the matter with me... What do you think, is it something that should make me run get a blood test?

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