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I have a question regarding admission to Harvard MBA.

I am in First year university in Canada pursuing accounting. I hope to obtain a CA/CFA/CMA (don't know which one yet). So, I was wondering, what the criteria is to go to Harvard for MBA? Please help me out, also give me some advice as to which accounting designation I should obtain, as I am totally clueless, I know CFA is different from a CA/CMA so help me out here...

And give me some advice on how to get into Harvard for an MBA, as I want to pursue that in the future. Thank you, preferably some one who has or is in the process of completing it in Harvard will be able to better answer this question.

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    The CA or CPA (US) is a professional designation allowing you to express an opinion on financial statements. The CFA and CMA do not provide that privilege. It all depends on what you want as a career.

    To get into Harvard or another top MBA program, earn excellent grades, work 2-4 years after you graduate, get a high GMAT score, have lots of money for tuition, and apply.

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    I'm not sure it's public,but I imagine it's title was'Do unto others like Daddy do unto others'

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