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Who is your r&p crush?

I saw this question a while back, so I give full credit to whoever asked this originally. Anyways, so who is your crush in R&P?

P.S. You'll never know my true identity!

MQ: what do you think of this song?

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    My better half, Greeneyes. We met here in R&P two years ago. Since then our friendship has grown... one thing lead to another, and we've been living together for sometime now. Our wedding is planned for the summer of 2010.

    MQ: Not bad...but I prefer 'Hacksaw to the Throat'...they're another band that also featured Caysen Russo (All Shall Perish) on guitar. Their 1st album 'Tear My Eyes Out' is pretty cool, and a tad more is their 2nd 'Wastelands'.

    Check them out if you haven't already...


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    Breaking Point:

    Youtube thumbnail


    My Eyes Are Open:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Destroying the Vile Red Falcon:

    Youtube thumbnail


    *Edit - Looking down at Riki... ⇓⇓⇓⇓...sorry dude...but squirrel nuts are an acquired taste from what I've been told :)

    *Edit @ Nodumgys...

    Greeneyes is my first internet relationship (and last), and I am hers too. We've been living together for 8 months, after first meeting here 2 years ago.

    Not sure what you mean by "I'm well ahead of Smiley", as this isn't a contest. But I have to many notches are on your keyboard? From what I can tell, and based on what you've written...perhaps you'd be better off removing the "No" from your name? This is just a thought, Lol...good luck with your harem!

    *Edit @ Darth...sorry to hear your potential R&P relationship didn't work out the way you wanted. Hopefully she has a change of heart.

    If not, there's always that squirrel directly below (I know...bad joke, Lol). Take care.

    *Edit - To the asker. In response to "You'll never know my true identity"...

    I'll take one wild guess. You're 'The Hand That Feeds'?

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    No internet crush for me here....tho I did meet my husband off a Yahoo website if you can believe that. We became good friends for 3 long years until finally I had a concert in New Jersey and since he wasn't far from there asked him to come out for the weekend and party w/me and my friends it was love from that point tho I don't have a crush now I guess I did at one time just not thru R&P...anyways onto your question

    MA: My head was bangin' so that makes it a good song.

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    well, im a R&P floozey, (so im told). so yes, i do in fact have a R&P crush tho im not allowed to say who, as some men would think "yeah, like she's gonna actually hook up with some guy from across the nation on the Internet", my man knows for fact that if I thats what I want thats exactly what will happen. .. im not a big fan of "fantasy".

    *im well ahead of smiley, 3 under the belt,(including 1 broken heart & at least 3 hopefuls for one unadulterated evenings) and one to marry in december this year.

    ..............ive learned to choose my words carefully and my dates even more.

    **no, thats all a lie. they know who they are. ..,.and if the connection is in doubt then they were wrong. otherwise, yes.

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    MA: Diggin' the Dead Planet. hell yeah.

    Crush? I really don't know enough about anyone around here to form some kind of romantic crush on, but I am fascinated with a few girls in and around R&P, judging only by how they answer questions and communicate with me behind the scenes.

    Usually the ones with complicated lives, baggage, ex's still in the mix, and a troubled childhood are who I'm attracted to the most.

    and there's this certain mongoose.......

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    I had a secret crush for the longest time. I met R&P user Smiley in November 2007. He was in fact my very first contact here. Prior to that all my settings were on private.

    Our friendship grew and grew, eventually he blew my mind with his passion and knowledge about music, a passion we share in life.

    Then I saw a photo or two. I started to write poems thinking, dreaming about

    him. Those poems became lyrics and inspired a metal guitarist to compose rock songs.

    I wanted so much to be with Smiley, even though he was so far away ( almost 2500 miles) and in another country.

    I guess when you want something really badly life makes it possible? (watch The Secret)

    Now we are living together!

    As I often like to say.....REALITY SURPASSES FICTION, because a few years ago I would have thought love on the internet was impossible.

    MQ: That's some scary stuff!!! LOL.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Okay I wont just come out and tell you who my R&P crush is.

    But I can give you a hint! She starred this question.

    MQ: No offense, but I don't like that kind of music at all :P

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    I don't have one, but Interstellar Eric Foreman has a hilarious name.

    MQ: not my style of music, sorry

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    It's a secret! :P

    I may not even have one... You'll never know. o.O

    MA: I liked the guitar work but I'm not big on that type of vocals.

    Edit: It is you THTF!

  • JLKR
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    Don't have one

  • haha that's hilarious! anyways that song... their picture just made me not want to listen to it. besides i'm listening to locket love by the ramones right now, and i don't feel like turning it off.

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