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Formulas in Microsoft Access?

I know that to create a formula when you have the data in existing fields (in a query) all you have to do is something like this:

Cost: [Item]*[Price]

but what if I wanted to add 15% tax to that value, and it was not included in the query? I know that in Excel you can simply do:


but how would I multiply that 15% in Access? I tried doing it the same way as I mentioned above but it kept telling me to add a parameter value and nothing happened. Does anyone know how I can add 15% tax to my query? I really need help, thank you.

If it helps, I have Microsoft Access 2007.

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    Well, first of all, you can't multiply a text field (Item) by a number (price). If this is how you have your query set up, then this is why it won't work. That would be like me saying [Shirt]*[shirt price]. Both fields have to be numeric.

    Here is an example for you to consider to help.

    Quantity multiplied by unit price = cost

    Example: if a shirt costs 10.00, and I buy 2 shirts, then my cost is [quantity]*[unit price]

    Or: [2]*[10.00]

    So in my table I have a field for quantity and field for unit cost.

    In my query I have the quantity field and the unit cost field.

    Directly beside the unit cost field, on the "Field" line, I type this:

    COST: [quantity]*[unit cost]

    In the field directly beside COST in the "Field" line, I type this:

    TOTAL: ([COST]*.15)+[COST]

    So the COST computation gives me the cost for the quantity and the TOTAL field computes the 15% tax.

    That gets you what you want in a simplified fashion. If it were me, I'd do the computations on my Form. But that's just me. Both ways are correct.

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