What happens during a circumcision?

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i know the basics, but i wanna know the details. no i don't want to get circumsized so don't come here telling me that circumcision is wrong. i want to know exactly and how ...show more
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when i had it done i was put to sleep both times ( yes i have been cut twice and yes it can happen )

i was 18 the first time and 31 the second time

there is not much pain but it is more uncomfortable then any thing as the head of your penis will be very sensitive this will last about 2 weeks then you will be use to it.

the stitches will fall out about 10 - 14 days after the op .

in 5-6 weeks you will be fully healed and then you can go back to your normal life... sports, sex and jacking off

for the first 2 weeks you need to keep the area dry. to keep your self clean use things like baby wipes or wet wipes try not to use soap as it may sting where the cut is.

after the op you will need to wear lose fitting clothes to keep them from the head of your penis ( some people say wear tight underwear but you just need to use what you feel comfy in )


cut at 18 and 31 for medical reasons ( yes you can be cut more then once ) and it still works and feels the same

i know this to be true as i have known it from both sides and being cut at birth is not the same

See these link for true life story’s from men who are happy to be cut

(these links are for over 18's only not my problem if you look)



And here a link for the benefits of getting cut



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thanks alot :)
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  • Connor answered 4 years ago
    Are you talking about babies or adults? For babies they just strap them down either give them a tiny bit of pain relief (that doesn't work) or they give them nothing at all and hack away.
    For adults it depends on the surgeon. Sometimes you are asleep but that is completly stupid. Most circumcisions the men are awake. The area is numbed and the skin it cut around evenly (if you have a good surgeon). Then the inner foreskin and shaft skin is sewn together at a sertain point (depends what type of circumcision you have). Then th penis is bandaged.
    Pretty much they just cut the skin and sew you up.

    Only the healing process hurts.
    You need to realise that just because you are awake doesn't mean you can feel anything. General anestisia just puts you to sleep, however you can still feel pain in your sleep (but the drugs are stong enough to keep you down) they still numb you even when you are asleep. In a circumcision you stay awake but they still numb you.
    The recovery is 6 weeks to fully heal and 8 weeks for all swelling to dissapear. However there are some things that are lost with a circumcision you won't get back and that's 50% of your sensitivity and pleasure.

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  • crtbryn answered 4 years ago
    Small my buddie had it done this is what he told me: They took him into the room and had him drop his pants and boxers. they had him lay on the table and cleaned him up with an antiseptic. they injected his tool and his foreskin with anesthesa all around and waited untill it was numb. the doctor pulled the skin forward and cut down and around to remove the skin. then he sutured it up all around with a needle. wrapped it up and sent him home he said recovery was not too bad untill the first few nights when he got those uncontrollable woodies the pulled at the bandages and stiches. he said it took about 5 weeks before he could choke his chicken again and had to learn how to do it all over cause normally we just grab the skin and jerk he didnt have the skin any more so he had to get some lube.

    uncircumcised dude
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  • Mithras answered 4 years ago
    Jordan K is totally wrong,...they do not cut off excess skin as there is no excess skin to cut off. Every bit of it is needed. She should say they cut off the necessary skin. Being female, she simply does not understand this is a brutal and destructive procedure.
    When she says they numb the area, that is what they would do at best. Often they do not offer any pain medication because there is none safe to use on an infant. The numbing cream just reduces the pain slightly. When you hear the babies scream in agony, you know the numbing cream is only for the benefit of the parents, to make them feel better for consenting to this most unnecessary procedure.
    I was circumcised as a child of six years due to a misdiagnosis of tight foreskin. No six year olds foreskin will retract but this doctor told my mother I needed to be circumcised and she gave him the go-ahead. He did not use pain medication at all. He was a carry-over from the day when J.H. Kellogg used to perform circumcisions without pain reduction to teach the young boys that touching the penis was wrong. I still remember the pain of the knife slicing through the living flesh,...the most nerve rich, ssuper-sensitiveskin on your whole body. Do not let anyone tell you infants cannot feel that,...through the feeble numbing cream. I hope SteveX's poor mutilated sons do not end up hating him for what he forced on them.
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  • e w answered 4 years ago
    They don't put anyone to sleep, either infant or adult.

    With an infant, they don't even usually use painkillers.

    For an adult, they will use painkillers. This will only work for the operation, not afterwards, and there is moderate pain, especially with the nighttime erections, and pulling out stitches is common, leaving the individual exposed to the possibility of infection.

    They will cut off the foreskin, with its 20,000 nerve endings. Other nerves/nerve endings are also damaged. The veins and blood vessels running through the foreskin are permanently severed.
    Scar tissue is formed. As a result of not being covered by the foreskin, the glans and surrounding tissues will dry out, turn rough in texture, in a process called keratinizatioin, which continues for the rest of your lifetime.

    There is no recovery; the damage is permanent. The skin will be taut and possibly painfully uncomfortable during erections.

    The glans, being exposed, will be painful and uncomfortable because it will be rubbing on clothes, but this will diminish in a few months. The sensitivity of the glans will continue slowly and inexorably to diminish for the rest of your lifetime.

    Depending on the damage (circumcision has no standards as to depth and location of the wounds inflicted on the penis) the usual loss of sexual sensitivity is about 50-75%, and continues to diminish.

    If you think that there is any advantage to circumcision, you're in for quite a disappointment.

    Remember that almost all circumcised males had it forced on them as infants; they didn't choose to be circumcised.

    "No wonder adults who undergo circumcision report less-satisfying sex, reduced sensitivity and erectile function, difficulty with intromission and increased premature ejaculation."
    ----------from Nature Clinical Practice Urology 20 January 2009.

    Circumcision is a fraud and a hoax.

    A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.

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  • six6sicks answered 4 years ago
    It really depends on the tools used.

    Its a bit like an inversed cigar cutter they use to slice the foreskin off at the base of the glans, they use a local anaesthetic so you can stay awake. The procedure does not take very long and it takes a few weeks to heal.

    Pointless butchering if you ask me, with no real benefits yet many disadvantages.
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  • woah, tiger! answered 4 years ago
    they slice off the skin

    they don't use anesthesia on babies so it hurts them

    on adults they numb the area and it hurts obviously but you are given pain killers

    and no, circumcision doesn't prevent anything (old US myth)
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  • HBCaliDude answered 4 years ago
    I was circumcised in office with a local. The only pain was from the first needle stick. Then he did the cut and stitched the two skins together. I was in and out in under an hour.

    Eric is totally wrong! You can be put under too. It is just more expensive. There is no real pain after, you are more sore, but Motrin took care of that.

    Being circumcised is far superior to being uncircumcised. I was finally circumcised on my 18th birthday and can assure you there is no downside. There is no loss of sensitivity and it is not mutilation, that is just anti propaganda. Being circumcised is much cleaner (uncut can wash 3x a day and still have an odor), it is much healthier (one reason the CDC is coming out in favor of circing all American males), it is better looking (that's a no brainer) and it improves sexual function. I have 3 sons (5,2 and 7mo) and had no hesitation what so ever to have them circumcised. I know there is no downside, only a lifetime of benefits. There is nothing good about being uncut!


    Life experience
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  • Amrizzer answered 4 years ago
    they just simply cut off the foreskin
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  • Jordan K answered 4 years ago
    the baby is given a topical numbing ointment and/or a numbing injection. then once the numbing agents have set in, the doctors will begin cutting around the tip of the penis until all excess skind is removed. it scares them and it is uncomfortable but not painful. you must constantly fout on triple antibiotic ointment during every diaper change. normal recovery is about 1 or 2 weeks.

    ******it pevents infection and may reduce their risk of later getting AIDS or other std's******

    hope i helped :)


    4 brothers
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