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How do I rescue my toffee?

I made toffee for the first time and the recipe said to cook to the soft ball stage - 250 degrees. ('ve since learned that the soft ball stage is 235 to 240 degrees.) My toffee is hard and brittle. It is, however, very yummy.

Can I remelt the toffee, add a bit of milk and have it turn out as something edible? Or is this batch beyond help?


Thanks Shankar. I'll give it a shot!

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    You can make a double boiler and pour some milk or heavy cream along with the toffee on top. Remember to finely chop the toffee! Then, on low heat, stir until it is COMPLETELY melted. Then, you can pour it out on a tray to cool at room temperature with probably a damped cloth to cover it! Good Luck.

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