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basic spanish sentences?

im going to start learning spanish soon, but would someone care to teach me a few simple, basic sentences and how to pronounce them so i dont look totally clueless when i start my lesson? thanks!!


Is spanish a hard language to learn since i am already fluent in both French and English?

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    the vowels sound different than english

    A allways sounds like "a" in hat

    E allways sounds like "e" in bed

    I and Y allways sounds like "ee"

    O allways sounds like "o" in top

    U allways sounds like "oo"

    Hello = Hola (ola, remember "o" like in "top" and "a" like in "hat", the h is silent)

    Thank you/Thanks = Gracias (grazee-as, the r is a little stronger, In Spain "c" and "z" sounds like "th" in english but in Latin America sounds like "s")

    How are you? = ¿Cómo estás? (the line on the vowels means that syllabe is the strongest in the world I mean it's the highest sound)

    What's your name? = ¿Cómo te("se", more formal and direct) llamas?/¿Cuál es tu("su" more formal and direct) nombre? (komo te "se" jamas/coo-al es too "soo" nombre)

    I'm fine thank you = Estoy bien gracias (esto-ee bee-en grazee-as)

    I love you = Te amo (te amo,hehe it's the same I know but remember how to read the vowels)

    Good Bye/Bye/See you soon etc = Chao/Adios/Hasta luego etc (cha-o, adee-os, asta loo-ego, "ch" always sounds like in cheese)

    Please = Por Favor (por favor, in Latin america "v" has the same sound that "b")

    I speak english = Hablo inglés (ablo eengless)

    I'm learning spanish = Estoy aprendiendo español (esto-ee aprendee-endo espanyol, "ñ" sounds like "ny" in canyon)

    I hope it helps you somehow

    Source(s): spanish is my native language
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    Guten Tag - hi Guten Morgen - sturdy morning Wie heißt Du/ wie heißen Sie? - what's your call Ich hätte gerne sechs Brötchen - i could like six bread rolls please Das sind drei Euro, bitte - that's 3 Euros please Wann kommt die Bahn? - while does the tram (streetcar) come? In etwa fünf Minuten - in approximately 5 minutes Die Bahn kommt - the tram arrives Wir steigen ein - we get on, we board the streetcar Einmal Stadmitte, bitte - one fee tag to the city centre, please Das sind a million Euro, bitte - that's a million Euro please Danke - thank you Bitte schön - do not point out it

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    this is a good link that has a lot of simple Spanish phrases

    or you can use this other site, it has games, activities and dialogs

    hope this helps

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    me llamo (your name) - my name is or i call myself (literal translation)

    como estas? - how are you (talking to a friend or someone you know)

    como esta usted - how are you (formal, when your talkin to an elder or someone your unfamiliar with)

    estoy bien - im well

    me gusta(n) - i like ___ (use gustan when saying you like more than one thing)

    buena suerte aprendiendo español - good luck learning spanish :)

    Source(s): srry i idk how you would spell the pronounciations in english... fluent in spanish (dominican)
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    ¡Buenos días!

    bway-nohs dee-ahs

    Hello! / Good morning!

    ¡Buenas tardes!

    bway-nahs tard-ays

    Good afternoon!

    ¡Buenas noches!

    bway-nahs noh-chays


    Good evening! / Good night!

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