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hey. i have been having severe emotional problems lately, and i cannot seem to make sense of them. its 6am where i am and i just got back in from an early morning run and i feel even more stressed than i did prior to the run. i am writing positive things everywhere, on my mirror and such, and trying to pick myself up but its proving more difficult than it should actually be. i miss my friends lots..(im away at school). but this isnt something i would probably talk to them about anyway.

any thoughts are welcomed. just send me a little positive energy please.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You are probably slightly depressed because you are away at school and in a different place which can cause some to feel stressed / anxiety and is normal. It takes time to deal with major changes in life and moving, starting a new school, being own your own for the first time(even tho you have what you need) will cause such feelings. If it gets too bothersome go see a doctor and explain to them what your feeling, but I'm sure in time you'll feel better and make new friends to cherish throughout your life where your at too.

    Source(s): I've moved away from my kids and grandkids nearly two years agoa nd felt that way too.
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