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What are some reasons that the Movie is better than the book for Romeo & Juliet?

Movie Vs. Book.

Romeo And Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio Movie is better than the book

what would be reasons to prove that statement

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    Most obvious is because of Leonardo DiCaprio but i think because of the way it shows the emotions of the characters, sometimes you don't really feel that in the book whereas in the film we can see the anguish and the love the characters feel and really connect with them o a deeper level then you can in the book. The older film of Romeo and Juliet is also not too bad.

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    West element tale is the apparent answer. there is likewise an excellent greater modern-day version observed as East element tale, which you will locate on the emblem channel internet site- its a similar tale yet they could't be at the same time because of the fact they are gay. The Birdcage has matters of two families that are diverse having young ones that fall in love, nevertheless the the remainder of the tale is particularly diverse. reliable success!

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    they both suck

    Romeo and Juliet, in my opinion, is Shakespeare worst play

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