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do you have a copy of Moonwalk by Michael Jackson?

I personally recommend, that you DON'T buy any other autobiography about Michael Jackson. Because you never know what kind of stuff they write in it, and some of them don't even know Michael very well. Moonwalk, is the one to have! You learn a lot about Michael. I'm more than halfway trhough the book, Michael talks mostly about the Jackson Five, it's cute :) ..But now i'm on the part when he starts working on his Off the Wall album with Quincy Jones. Anyways, back to the question! :) Hahaha

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    Yes I do :]

    I got the re-issued copy so I read the stuff that Quincy Jones wrote and this lady wrote something in the back.

    It's my favorite book besides the Twilight saga ;]

    It tells us the truth and the stories in his perspective which is great and I really enjoyed hearing about the Jackson 5 and all that!

    I got Michael Jackson Unmasked but it's just a trash-talking book so I put it down after like 50 pages.

    I also have the Michael Jackson Tapes, which is not trash-talking. :]

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    I don't have "Moonwalk" by Michael Jackson, just yet, but I am seriously hoping to get it in 24 days by Christmas!!!! I'm excited & stoked! (:

    I've read like the first 63 pages of it online, & from what I read, I almost DIED laughing especially when it came to the part when the brothers as the Jackson 5 would pull crazy pranks, etc.

    I LOVED reading that part but I'm so hoping to get the book for sure though! (:

  • Yes! I have the re-released edition that came out on the 13th of October 2009. On my birthday.

    My friend bought it for me. I cried.

    It's a wonderful book! Hope you enjoy reading the rest of it. It made me really sad after though. :/

  • Nope but i'm getting it for Christmas, can't wait! i have already read it online 2 times.

    I love his funny stories, how he got that guys name wrong on The Wiz is so cute :)

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    Yeah I have the original copy, not the one with the introduction by Berry Gordy.

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    no but i wanna get it soo bad! but once i am done with the 3 books we have to read for school mandatory (ughh) i have a link to the book online and im gonna start reading it.

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    I literally just bought one on Ebay for $5.00 free shipping too like 6 minutes ago. I kid u not. lol im excited

  • No, sadly. :|

    but it sounds really good; super jealous!

    but i'm sure getting his This Is It DVD when it comes out!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes. I second that.

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