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Boston Virtual ATC ground/clearance exam?

I have been trying to become an ATC at Boston Virtual ATC on fsx but i keep failing the ground/clearance exam even though im pretty sure my answers are correct. Can someone give me some or all of the answers to the test.

Thanks in Advance for your help

Oh and if u have fsx, join BVA, it is simply the best


Which of the following are appropriate cruise altitudes for an IFR flight from Nantucket (KACK) to Bradley (KBDL)?

a. 12000', 14000', 16000', FL180

b. 10500', 12500', 14500', 16500'

c. 14000', 17000', FL200, FL230

d. 13000', 15000', 17000', FL190


Aircraft requesting a VFR departure out of a Class C airport require a specific clearance out of the Class C airspace.

a. True

b. False


Refer to the flight plan below. Assuming that no departure procedures are to be used, this aircraft should be cleared to the Boston airport via...

a. ..."radar vectors FREDO, then as filed"

b. ..."radar vectors FREDO, direct"

c. ..."fly runway heading, radar vectors FREDO, then as filed"

d. ..."fly runway heading, radar vectors FREDO, direct"


Runways 22L, 22R, and 27 are active at Boston (KBOS). Which of the following is correct phraseology for taxi instructions for a departure off of Runway 22L.

a. "Taxi to runway two two left via taxiways Bravo and November"

b. "Taxi to runway two

Update 2:

forget about the questions

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