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My puppy got scratch on the inside of the lower eye lid?

My puppy unfortunately got scratched on the inside of the lower eye lid. Nothing on his eye ball. Just scratches on the skin. We don't have 24 hour vets open around where i live....So i am wondering if Polysporin eye drops would be okay for over night just to make sure no infection starts? And pls for you ppl that have nothing better to do than comment something stupid.... pls go to the next question....this is a serious question..!

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    Lower lid scratches often have corneal scratches too, but they cannot be seen with the naked eye, they have to be dyed and looked at with an ultraviolet light. Do go to the vet in the morning to get this seen to.

    For over night, the Polysporin eye drops would be fine. All animal medicines started out as people medicines, and many are just the same; this is one of them. An ophthalmic ointment will work well to protect your puppy from infection and make him more comfortable for the night.

    Just don't give tylenol for the pain; that can kill your dog.

    Source(s): used to work for a vet, and have lots of critters that seem to get hurt after hours.
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