How to create a great pokemon team. Give an example of a great team too!?

i want to know how to create good pokemon teams on my own. give some examples of great teams or past experiences or great past teams. thank you! :)

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    Alright then. As a member of Smogon University, I shall give you a team. You will have to work hard for it, and you will suffer if you don't use this team correctly. I shall give you a team to play with. REMEMBER: This is for when you're playing competitively, not in-game. In other words, use these teams if you REALLY want to beat your friends. If you're using this team in the game, then that's fine.

    (Put the Pokemon in order in your party)

    #1: Infernape

    (Level 100 Infernape) with a Focus Sash and a Naïve nature.

    EV’s: 64 Atk/192 Spe/252 SpA


    - Fire Blast

    - Close Combat

    - Fake Out

    - Stealth Rock

    Infernape is a very powerful starter for your team. First, if the Pokemon you are against isn’t a Ghost Type, you’re free to use Fake Out for a free hit. The opponent will not hit you, unless it has the ability Inner Focus. After the use takes some damage, choose Fire Blast or Close Combat to KO the foe. If it’s Hippowdon, RUN. After the first opponent is defeated and sends out another Pokemon, use Stealth Rock so you can add more damage. Don’t use fake out again. If you survive, keep hitting with Close combat and Fire Blast. When you hold the focus sash at full health, you will survive an attack at 1 HP guaranteed. Just damage as many Pokemon as you can until Infernape dies.

    #2: Metagross

    (Level 100 Metagross) with a Life Orb and an Adamant Nature

    EV’s: 64 HP/252 Atk/192 Spd



    -Meteor Mash


    -Thunder Punch/Explosion

    Metagross is one of my favorites. Simply switch into something that hits him for not effective damage and use Agility. Metagross is perfect for this because he has VERY high attack and defenses, but average special attack and speed. You won’t need Special Attack, so use your slow speed instead by boosting yourself up! One agility speed boost is needed, so don’t bother using even more Agilities. From there, wreck havoc with your high-powered moves! Meteor Mash WILL put a freaking huge dent in anything that doesn’t reduce steel types, and it can One-hit KO almost many Pokemon, provided Infernape has already set up Stealth Rocks. Earthquake is there to provide damage to Water, Electric, Steel, and Fire type Pokemon. You have a choice between Explosion and Thunder Punch; if you want to damage Water-types more, go with Thunder Punch. Otherwise, if you are already satisfied with Metagross’s huge power, always go with Explosion. Even though Explosion makes Metagross faint automatically, in return, the Pokemon that suffers from explosion will either faint, or have a LARGE amount of HP taken away. Just remember not to use it on full-health steels or ghosts. And DO NOT use Explosion unless you really need to. It’s not worth it to sacrifice a team member for nothing. When Metagross holds Life Orb, you will do more damage to the opponent in exchange for a little HP (when you attack, the attack gets more powerful, but Life Orb takes your health away.The power is totally worth it).

    #3: Scizor

    (Level 100 Scizor) with a Life Orb and an Adamant Nature

    EV’s: 32 HP / 252 Atk / 224 Spe


    -Swords Dance

    -Bullet Punch

    -Bug Bite

    -Brick Break

    Ah, Scizor. The most powerful Bug-type Pokemon in the game. If Metagross faints or switches out for some reason, switch out Scizor next. With Scizor’s ENORMOUS sky-high attack, it’s easy to beat the Pokemon that Metagross didn’t. What you should do is Swords Dance once Scizor is out. It doubles Scizor’s Attack to enormous levels. Unlike Metagross, you can continue to Swords Dance whenever you like, but you can only do it three times. Get at least one swords dance. After using Swords Dance, feel free to make even more destruction with powerful moves. Bullet Punch is what you should always be using; it always goes first in a turn (like quick attack) and does a HUGE amount of damage to Pokemon that don’t resist steel. If the Pokemon that you’re facing does resist Bullet Punch, use your choice of Bug Bite or Brick Break. Bug Bite is Scizor’s most powerful attack. Brick Break puts the hurt on Steel types that switch in to Scizor, and it also breaks Light Screen and Reflect. Scizor is almost never KO’d. Just don’t switch into Fire-type Pokemon or anything with a fire-type move, okay? They’re Scizor’s worst nightmare. Again, Life Orb’s there to damage opponents more. Be sure to use the Ability Technician on Scizor, otherwise Bullet Punch and Bug Bite won’t be as strong.

    #4: Salamence

    (Level 100 Salamence) with a Life Orb and Naïve Nature

    EV’s: 40 Atk/252 Spd/216 SAtk


    -Draco Meteor

    -Fire Blast



    This Pokemon doesn’t waste time on the first turn that they’re out, unlike Metagross and Scizor. The attacks are all very powerful, and provide almost-perfect coverage, almost scoring a super-effective hit on all Pokemon. Steel-type Pokemon getting in your way? Use Fire Blast or Earthquake! Basically, anything’s that’s not a steel type Pokemon gets pwned by a deathly Dra co Meteor. Anything that IS a steel type gets smashed by Earthquake or Fire Blast. Keep note that although Draco Meteor is a very powerful move, it lowers Salemence’s Special Attack, so don’t use it too much unless you switch out of the battle. Outrage is a physical Dragon-type move that also puts the hurt on many Pokemon. But, after you use Outrage, you will use the same attack for three or two turns, and after those turns, you will get confused. So don’t use Outrage unless you have really weak Pokemon on the opponent’s side. Keep track of your Draco Meteors, too; it weakens Fire Blast as well. Salamence also has the ability Intimidate: it lowers attack when Salamence switches into battle. NEVER EVER put Salamence against Pokemon with Ice-type moves; they are his death, and will one-hit KO him.

    #5: Arcanine

    (Level 100 Arcanine) with Choice Band and an Adamant Nature

    EV’s: 4 HP/ 252 Atk / 252 Spe


    -Flare Blitz


    -Thunder Fang

    -Iron Head

    Steel types bothering you? Did Salamence and Infernape faint? Do you need a really hard hit? Arcanine’s here to the rescue. With Choice Band attached, you will deal lots, lots, lots, AND LOTS of damage to the opponent. Simply pick the move of your choice, and do away damage. Arcanine does damage better than Infernape, so Flare Blitz should be you main attack. In exchange for huge damage, your HP decreases slightly. Extremespeed should also be your main attack; like Scizor’s Bullet Punch, Extremespeed will always go first than the opponent, so you can get rid of weakened Pokemon quickly. Thunder Fang and Iron head are there to hit those pesky Fire and Water Types. Remember: once you use an attack, you cannot use other attacks unless you switch out. This is a side-effect of Choice Band. In return for high-damaging moves, you are locked into one move. So if you go against something the move can’t hit, switch out.

    And #6: Gyarados

    (Level 100 Gyarados) with Leftovers and an Adamant Nature

    EV’s: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe


    -Dragon Dance


    -Ice Fang


    Gyarados: one of the most threatening Pokemon in existence. Do not dare incure his wrath during his Dragon Dance, or you shall face the consequences. This goes for the opponent XD. Okay, so like Scizor and Metagross, just go in something that can’t hit you for high-powered or super-effective damage. Dragon Dance once you get in, and you can start attacking from there. Feel free to use more Dragon Dances, as it will boost Gyarados’s speed and attack to high levels; Just don’t use too much or the opponent will kill you before you even attack. After using Dragon Dance, use Waterfall as your main attack. If a Dragon Type or a Water Pokemon switches in, use Ice Fang for Dragons, and Earthquake for Water Types. Waterfall only does little damage to waters and dragons, so it shouldn’t be a problem to hit all Pokemon types. Gyarados, like Salamence, has Intimidate, so you can afford to switch into physical attacks. DO NOT switch into electric type attacks. They WILL one-hit KO Gyarados. Only attack Electric types when you’ve used Dragon dance, so that you’re faster than them.

    Happy Battling. Oh, and BubbaCatlove, that team's pwned by Stone-Edge and Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse and Megahorn. End of story. And I didn't use any legendaries :).

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    A great pokemon team is is typically balanced on both offensive and defensive fronts that also has snygery between different pokemon. For example using both Gyrados and Jolteon, you can cover each other's weaknesses. Switching in Jolteon into an incoming electric attack directed at Gyrados and switching Gyrados into an incoming Earthquake sets you up for success. Check out the forums at to see different teams and how they utilize strategies for success.

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    It depends on your version

    A good team (but not impossible to get or very hard like many legendaries)

    might be:







    I am based on Pokemon Platinum/Diamons/Pearl because if you have Saphire version some

    Pokemons will be impossible to get.

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    My version is Platinum, so a great team in Platinum would be Infernape, Staraptor, Giratina, Luxray, Floatzel and Leafeon.

    Source(s): Experience, I used this team to defeat the elite four in Platinum and I completed the main quest of Platinum.
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    EPIC win.

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  • 1 decade ago tells you all you ever need

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