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Wasn't "Therapeutic Touch" debunked about 10 years ago?

Why is this obvious pseudoscience still being funded by NCCAM?

NCCAM = The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

I was looking at recent grants made by NCCAM, and found a project that just started last year: R15AT003591, “Use of Energy Biofield Therapy for the Treatment of Cancer and GVHD”, from the Univ. of Nevada-Reno, led by Alice Running in their nursing school, and co-directed by Lisbeth Welniak of UC Davis. It’s a 3-year award, and the first year was for $210,688, so I’m estimating the total cost at roughly $630,000.

I can’t imagine a better use for $630,000 of taxpayer-provided NIH funds, can you?

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    It's been debunked many times, but most famously in 1998 when JAMA published a school science project by 9 year old Emily Rosa that showed TT practitioners were unable to detect the presence of the Human Energy Field any more than random chance would allow.

    After that debacle, they decided it wasn't important to detect the HEF as long as their "intention" was to heal. All the TT literature previously emphasized the importance of detecting the HEF first, and how easy it was with proper training. By redefining, they have essentially rendered TT untestable, and therefore non-scientific.

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    If that can be funded, then I say fund the rub 'n' tug because that does wonders for lots of men.

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